Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Covers

The kid that smells, he has no running water. The man on the side of the road, his house burnt down. The girl crying in the hall, her mom is dying. The guy at the children's home, his parents kicked him out. The girl who won't dress in front of everyone else, has been abused and bullied. Who are you to judge, when you have no details on that individuals situation? Even if you think you know all the details... you really don't have any clue what anyone's heart is feeling unless it's yours. No one is perfect or was made to be perfect. No one wants to smell. No one wants to have no other option but to sleep outside. No one wants people to know the truth behind their bruises and scars. The smelly guy might have the best personality in the world, but how would you know if you never got to know the guy? Exactly, you wouldn't. My most favorite novel of all time has a bicycle as the front cover. A bicycle. Who wants to read a book with a bicycle on the cover?? Well who would want to have a conversation with the smelly guy? You never know the good inside of anything if you never get close enough to read a few pages. Don't think you're cool if you are the one cracking jokes on the kids you know nothing about. You never really know who may be listening... or who may be able to relate to the one your teasing's situation. Never judge, and never assume because you aren't and never will be that person. Next time you witness someone making assumptions followed by crude remarks, call them out. Tell them it ISN'T okay to talk like they actually have a clue about that persons life. If you put a stop to incorrect perspectives coming from those around you, others will notice, and pass on this important message. 
PS: If people will talk about others with you.. they will sooner or later talk about you!

Friday, January 27, 2012

'High School' Proof Your Relationship♥

All summer things are sweeter than sugar. Back-to-School time rolls around and sweet goes to sour. People are mean. With meanness becomes jealousy, jealousy melts into spitefulness. Soon enough spitefulness leads to tears. All this can be avoided if you go into game with your helmet on and your values fresh on the mind. Here are some raw but tender suggestions on how to 'High School Proof Your Relationship! ♥

1) Don't let it get by one time. If you let some other wedge them-self in between you an your man/lady one time...nothing in the world will stop her/him from doing it again. And again.
2) Set the day. Schedule's can go whack between homework and extra curricular activities: Have the same cuddle day/date night every day of the week. It helps being on a 'schedule' because you know every day of that week is for your lover. Feeling excluded is the worst feeling in the world. For a personal example... almost every Sunday, either I go to church with my boyfriend, or vise versa! Afterward we usually have lunch and spend the remainder of the day doing activities we both enjoy! 
3) Always remember "Honesty Is The Best Policy!!!" You must have trust to have a rock solid relationship. FYI, trust should never be based upon lies. Just be honest! Any one would rather be told the truth than lied too! SO.. to avoid tears, confusion, and misleading... just tell truth. If they are spending time getting to know you, you should be 110% honest. A little lie DOES hurt!
4) It's high school. You're going to be around people all school day. You can't avoid it. So while you are around those people... don't act in away towards someone if you wouldn't want your partner acting that same way. This statement goes back to the whole 'treat others how you wish to be treated' stuff. Being friendly and being flirty are two totally different ballgames. 
5) You think it hurts when girls gossip about you.. it hurts even more when your partner is gossiping about you. When I say gossiping I am referring to bragging and complaining as well. If your partner irritates you.. I am truly sorry BUT it happens. Don't talk down on them! Chances are they will hear about it leaving them still irritated, and now pissed/on the verge of kicking your butt to the curb!!!  If your girl/guy won't 'give you any' that is THEIR choice. Yeah it could suck if your hormones are on over drive but it makes you look like a tool when you are complaining about your non-existing sex life! So don't complain. It is perfectly okay you have a strictly mental relationship rather than a only physical one. It's high school.. you'll have plenty of years ahead for sexual activity! Complaining is a tool move... bragging is a jerk move. Congrats if you do in fact 'get some'.. but respect your partner enough not to go tell the whole locker room, lunch table, or math class. It is just rude. When I myself hear a guy (I say guy because it is mostly guys who brag about their sex life.) bragging about what they've got from their partner I am silently thinking "WOW you're not only a jerk, you're a disrespectful *insert bad bad words here*!!!" When guys brag, they get some high fives..when girls brag, they get dirty looks & dirty names. A few less high fives won't hurt... a few less dirty labels definitely will never hurt! If you do feel the need to consult with peer(s) about your sexual activity.. think about how disrespected and hurt your partner could feel when they hear from everyone about your 'gossiping.' Instead of verbally expressing your sex life to a person, write it on a piece of paper to express how you are feeling...then rip that paper to shreds. It will satisfy your need to talk about it. 
PS: If you wouldn't want people knowing about your sex life...Don't ask about someone else's!!! If they want you to know about their sex life, they will tell you...otherwise, what happens when the lights are off... stays where the lights are off!!

I hope any boyfriend/girlfriend reading this takes these few tips to mind (especially if your relationship is struggling). Also, I hope any single individuals reading this post also takes these suggestions to heart when engaging in their next relationship! :) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

True Meaning Reveled

SO! Guess what readers??! I have an alter ego: { An alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal or original personality.} I believe her name should be Rachel, which means 'innocent lamb', and I could now be referred to as Roxanne. My normal personality is very bubbly, chatty, and outgoing. Yesterday, however, when I was placed far outside my comfort zone... the true Rachel came out. In my new Algebra Two class there are no familiar faces, or even names. I became SO uncomfortable! I sat on a whole row by myself (I didn't even know anyone at all just to go sit near...) Awful is an understatement. Unpleasant, horrific, and appalling might do a justice. I was no longer 'Chatty Cathy" or "Bubbly Brenda..." I then became a "Reserved Rachel!' It isn't good when you are on the verge of tears because you are so uncomfortable! Being one of the two Freshmen in the Sophmore/Junior class is very nerve racking. Math isn't my strong side to begin with. It was just indescribable! I can usually talk to anyone, at any given time...which is why I am never a teacher's pet! 
I think everyone has some sort of alter ego. He/she may not come out unless something very out of the ordinary happens, but he or she is there..TRUST ME! Anyone who knows my true self definitely wouldn't compare my personality to the one of an innocent lamb. "Roxanne" on the other hand means 'star, light, dawn.' Better. :)
♥ ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: Picture Frame Makeover!

Turn a drab picture frame... into a fab picture frame :)

You Will Need:
1 boring plain picture frame
Paint (If you wish to paint your frame (as I did)
Paint Brush (If needed)
Washable Elmer's School Glue
*Keep in mind, this was a messy project. Consider spreading out an old towel,sheet,etc. if you will be doing this project on a 'not crafty' area!*

First, I took an old dull blue picture frame that wasn't being used and applied two coats of white paint (Any paint will do, I used house paint {what was available})
After both coats were dry, I cleaned up the inside edges with a Q-Tip. Then used another Q-Tip to touch up the outside edges.

I had purchased a tub of  'Bright Rainbow Craft Buttons" for a previous project from for a previous Christmas gift project.  800 buttons, many different sizes.

With my White Elmer's School Glue, I applied small dots of glue to the frame to secure my buttons. I didn't use a hot glue gun in case I didn't like the placement of a button, or I later decided to remove the buttons to create a different look. 

If desired (to add a sassy touch) purchase ribbon, tie in a bow, then hot glue the 'legs' of the ribbon to your frame. This will add some spice to the normal ways of hanging pictures!
& Enjoy your new fresh frame! :)

What is a Blog to You??

Blog (a blend of the term web log): a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Many a times things in this world are taken the wrong way, viewed in a way they weren't meant to be viewed, or thought of in a way it wasn't intended to be thought about. I believe personally that a blog can sometimes be one of those things that people (readers) misunderstand. Others might think my blog should be titled "Rude, Un-thoughtful Scribbles of a 'Insert Bad Word Here'..." But to me, my blog is my diary. It is my healthy yet creative away of expressing my emotions, thoughts, an opinions on things that make there way into my daily life. My blog is one of the only things I have complete control over: I can make it whatever I want it to be. It can say whatever I want it to say. It can look like whatever I want it to look like. So, with that all said, I should apologize in advance for any future posts that could step on someones toes. It's nothing personal, but these are my own private thoughts transformed into memos to the world. Although I love receiving feedback on my blog(s), there is a fine line between rude/constructive criticism. If you feel the need to be spiteful towards my personal philosophies, there is a red x in the top right with your name written all over it. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things to Remember...

Every second, of everyday, there is a constant on-going list of things you must remember at all times!! I've decided to share a few of the things I make sure to remember at ALL times, under ALL circumstances! ENJOY♥

Hope this late night post was inspirational, life changing, and motivational! LOL :) 

Darla's New Sweater!

Who knew Walmart had the cutest freakin' dog sweaters you ever did see?!! Well I didn't until two weeks ago when my mom got our new puppy, Darla! Darla has two sweaters now, after today, when she got a purple version of her previous pink sweater! Can you say SPOILED?!
Darla's Pink Sweater
NEW Purple Sweater :)
It has been a rough day.. don't judge me :)

PS: I'm thinking about doing hairstyle tutorials sometimes! Whatcha think?? XOXO♥

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A few short days ago I found myself watching the Lifetime movie "Mom at Sixteen." A quote that has stuck with me since I watched the film was one stated by the lead star, Danielle Panabaker, saying that a child chooses his/her parents before they ever get to Earth. I took this in a unique way: when I got to thinking about it I wasn't sure if you as a little infant 'chose' your parents... Or if our good ole Lord chose your parents. For some reason I think it is spilt 50/50. Maybe up in the baby factory we as little bits of life chose a couple of families, then God matches us with the person/couple whom he knows will teach us lessons no one else could. These lessons would be the ones that molded us into the adults we would later grow into. God also matched us with certain people, so other people would come into our lives. These new people that would emerge daily would sometimes be in our life for short periods of time, & others for longer periods of time. BUT, they would be in our life for a reason. Sometimes I think a person enters into our life just to teach us lessons. Other times I think people come into my life just as a reminder that God is & always will be there! It seems just as you think you've hit an all-time low or a major pothole in the road, something or someone totally unexpected pops up. Some people bring you way up, and then there's some who are just there go guide you over the pothole. You never really know how much someone can/could effect you until you take the time to really get to know them and what they're all about. When I sit down and look back on past events, there is always someone who it seemed like was only there to drag me down. But then there's always that other person, who's always there to lift me back up. No one is utterly responsible for this other than God. He will never throw anything your way unless he knows you can handle it. Everything happens for a reason. & God always has a reason!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crap DOES Stink...

In the county we live in, it seems people aren't aware that they aren't  in Hollywood. There's two types of people: the people who dream about having a good deal of money, and there are those who have a good deal of money & chose to rub it in everyone's faces. These kind of people, I believe, think their own crap does not stink. News Flash!!!! Poo poo stinks. The Kardashian's poo stinks, Jason Aldean's poo stinks, my poo stinks, YOUR poo stinks. Even though you walk around in your high fashion Gucci shoes, when you pop a squat... your poo poo is not going to smell like fancy Italian leather. Sorry! Congrats on having money and all the luxuries that come with that, but there are some less fortunate people in this world. One's that can only dream of owning a Coach, ones that have never eaten at a fancy sushi bar, ones that couldn't dream of owning anything from Ikea or Ralph Lauren. You can personally enjoy what you have, but flaunting it to anyone to happens to stroll by is a pretty rude/self-less act. Next time you finish your $50 medium-rare steak at wherever your parents Benjamin Franklin's can take you, make sure to take a whiff of the aftermath of that filet mignon. Take it from someone who knows, poo poo STINKS. Life isn't always about material objects. Life is about love, learning, and living to the fullest. God made everyone equal. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pet Peeves... UNEDITED.

Hey Y'all!! Sorry for the recent 'writer's block' (lack of good inspiration). While consulting with a friend on ideas for a post, she threw out an idea to write a raw, in depth, and very descriptive list of things I do not like... which I translated into a list of my pet peeves. Hope this leaves you chuckling... or changing a bad habit! :)

1) PANTIE LINES! Yoga pants, dresses, athletic wear, or any tight apparel does not deserve to be looked at negatively due to your poor undergarment selection. Just don't do it!! There are thongs. Either your on a Walmart budget, or a Victoria Secret budget... you can find a thong. Heck, go commando (We've all had to at some point or another) rather than have a bulging pantie line... I'm sorry ladies/gents, it's fashion suicide. 

2) MISSING A SPOT! Every girl that straightens her hair has a mirror. It's proven fact! Honey, use the mirror. Don't go out with every piece of your hair fried straight but then leave that poor strand in the back wavy, curly, whatever. You make that poor hair, and yourself, look bad! It's better to over straighten the back than just not do it at all! 

3) SKINNY JEANS! Okay this only applies when certain people wear them. Kim Kardashian can work some skinnys! But other types of people cannot. I'm going leave you with this in mind... They are called SKINNY JEANS, not MAKE YOU Skinny Jeans. Thanks.

4) OFF/ON ACCENTS! Either you have an accent or you don't. It's not an accent if you talk in this way when you want to look cute. People can tell you're fake.. which leads you back to not looking cute. Do everyone a favor and talk in the voice the good Lord gave you.

5) PEOPLE WHO CAN'T COMPREHEND! Most people understand the phrase "In A Relationship"... a certain species of girls do not. Okay, if your Facebook says "In A Relationship with Blah Blah" that means they are TAKEN (aka: off the market, unavailable, not to be toyed with, etc.) So, for all the girls who do not know what this phrase means, learn it before you get knocked out! Causal Convo is one thing, flirting like a french woman is a totally different ball game.

6) DIPPIN', CHEWIN', & SPITTIN'! No normal girl wants a guy who dips, not to mention kiss a guy who has a big wad of tobacco in his mouth. Your tongue might go there... it's just nasty boys!! It makes you look like a sloppy hot-mess! The only chewin' that should go on is a cow chewing its cud (cud: farm word for re-chewing grass, hay, etc.) IF you must chew, dip, or whatever... DO NOT spit in front of your girl, especially on the floor. Easy way out... JUST DON'T START THAT MESS! 
ps girls: if your boy dips, and you don't like it... lay it out on the line! Worked for me. Ask my boy what will happen if the dips. Always be in charge girls!

7) PUSH UP BRAS! If God wanted you to have a nice set of hooters... you'd have em! People can see right through that Victoria Secret Bombshell. While I'm on the topic of trying to fool people on your breast size: It is not cute when you take a picture, in the mirror, looking like your trying to poke your chest out far enough to reach China. Sorry, someone had to tell ya. 

8) THROWING AROUND THE LOVE WORD: To me, love is something very passionate and intimate. It isn't just some word you say to very guy who tells you you're cuter than a speckled pup in a red wagon. You will never forget someone you truly love. If you think back on past relationships and think you don't even know why you dated the loser... you never ever loved him/her! My boyfriend and I did not tell each other "I love you" until we had probably been together three months or so. My point is, you don't love someone after a week. Don't throw the word around like it is nothing. If someone tells you they love you, and you don't love them back but do not want to hurt their feelings... just say "I love youtube" really fast. Poor sucker won't know the difference :)

9) ATTENTION WHORES! OMG I look ugly. WAH I'm fat. UGH I don't look good today! Really, really?! Just get a t-shirt saying "I'm begging for attention!" No one is going to reply to statements like that with "yeah you do look pretty bad today," or "yeah you are gettin' on up there Bessie!" I understand the need to vent sometimes about insecurities, but consult with one good friend. Not all of Facebook, or your whole lunch table. Doing this makes you an 'Attention Whore.' Being an A.W is on the list of unattractive qualities in a person. 

10) TRASH TALKERS! You can talk about yourself, you can talk about your family, and you can talk about me.. but don't you dare talk about my family. I can talk about MY family, but if YOU talk about My family.. you will have your name placed on my hit list. That simple. It is not okay to talk about my family. 

Instead of the attention being on your cute butt... it is redirected to that whappin' pantie line!
MMMMM! Don'tcha want a big wet one from a guy sporting this sexy look?!? HA! Don't think so...
Disappointment waiting to happen...
..... LOL!

Hope no hard feelings were made, but some lessons were learned! Thanks for reading. XOXO

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey y'all! Hope your week has fabulous! I personally have had an adventurous but tiring week... Tonight I am puppy sitting!! It's just after midnight and this little bundle of joy has no off button... If any of my readers have any suggestions on getting a puppy to sleep + keeping them asleep, I'd be forever grateful!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tell the World I Am Coming Home!

Hey y'all!!!! Can I get a thank God hallelujah?!!!! I'm finally heading out of this cold, noisy, chaotic city!!! I've never been this happy to be returning to good ole Red Dirt RoCo :) Please pray that myself, my father, and business partner Dennis make it home safely as we will be enduring rain & possible snow/ice! So excited to see all my friends tomorrow! Love y'all! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take the Road Less Traveled By

For whatever reason, on a normal day I get asked questions which answers require various different types of advice. Sometimes my advice is themed around "don't do what every one else is, because only you know what will make you happy," which is SO true. Another common thing I 'preach' is to always go with the thing or option you'd least expect. For me, and for other friends who have taken my advice, the things you'd least expect are generally the things that will make you the happiest in the end. You can never make a decision based on someone else's opinion. Why? Because they aren't you. They never will be you. They don't have your mind set, your sensitivity level, your past, your values, nor your view on life. Therefore, you can't make choices based on what someone else wants you to do. To clarify my testimony, I will give you an example: Say you really like this certain someone. Throw in that maybe they aren't in your 'group', maybe their family doesn't have as much money as some of the people you associate with, and say they aren't the next Albert Einstein. But, they make you happy. They can put that magical twinkle in your eyes. They warm your heart and put peace to your mind. They make you feel like the only girl/boy on the planet. But your friends give you the 'ews,' the 'you-can-do-betters,' etc. You have to ask yourself one question... and one question only: Do I go with my gut feeling, saying go for it, you never know what the future holds. OR, do you go with the crowd, and move on to the next cocky jock because he is McHottie, instead of McNottie?? Don't think this only pertains to relationships, because my theory expands way beyond relationships. One of my friends has an obsession with high heels, but won't wear them to school because people will think she is a 'slut.' Girl, WHO CARES! Who cares what everyone else thinks. They aren't you! If them heels make you tick, strut what the good Lord gave you & to hell with the 'negative-Nellys!!!' Life is all about making yourself happy. You can't please everyone, it is virtually impossible. If you go through life always pleasing your hardest critics, you will never satisfy yourself to the fullest. God made you You for a reason! Embrace YOUR wishes and YOUR dreams! They're your dreams for a reason. You were born an individual, don't die a copy. Go with what your heart tells you to do, not your head. If the choice that makes you the happiest is the road less traveled by, then take that road! Don't get so wrapped up in the chaos that you lose touch with who you really are. It's better to be alone the first few miles than to be caught up in the traffic and risk losing touch with who you really are, & what you truly believe in. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day One

After hours of sitting alone at my fathers booth,BORED, you'd think some great amazing genius blog idea would have came to me.. resulting in me brainstorming all day to then rush back to the hotel room to write a life changing blog. Sorry readers, this will be one of the blogs with no meaning what-so-ever, but maybe it will give you a little chuckle. Did I mention I was BORED today?! I did see Pat & Nicole, Lee and Tiffany, The Bone Collectors, and a few other hunting celebrities. My dad pestered me all day, my jeans were super un-comfy, and I ate a $9.00 hamburger. Exciting.
This is my new puppy Darla, whom I am missing DEARLY! Oh, & I miss my mom & sissy, and my boyfriend!♥ Hope y'all are having a fabulous week! XOXO

Monday, January 9, 2012

Eye Opening Experince

As I've said before, though I am only fourteen I feel as I have matured and learned in ways only I can relate to. Sometimes I feel that bad things are plopped into my lap just so I can learn and grow. Last night I received a text from my favorite teacher asking me if I would text my mom just to tell her how much I love her, and I agreed. Her reasoning was that her grandmother didn't have much longer to live. She said that life was too short to have any regrets. Today on my journey to Ohio, we stopped to refuel and get a soda for the ride. The cashier got off her personal phone and began to cry. She told my dad that someone had just called and informed her that her friend had just passed away. You never really know what might happen and when it might happen. There's sickness, there's freak accidents, and there's mean people in this world. Thank who you can, while you can, as often as you can. Most importantly, tell the ones you love that you love them. And tell them as much as you can. Several times my boyfriend has asked me if he tells me he loves me too much. I thought that was a silly question and replied "Of course not, you can never tell me you love me too much!" You can never, ever tell anyone you love them too much. My aunt, my mom's sister, passed  away in a motorcycle accident. Even though I was six at the time, I still could have told her how much I loved her more often. Her daughter always reminds me to be thankful I have my mom. Even when my mother, or my father, grandparents, etc. annoy the crap out of me, I still love them more than anything! After some eye opening experiences the past few days, nothing will ever come before telling my loved ones thanks, and that I love them!!!
THANK YOU ALL for the texts today saying you hope we have a safe trip and a good time! We arrived right around 3:00 pm and are awaiting our delivery pizza :) Thanks for reading♥ XOXO

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look Out Columbus!

Tomorrow marks the start of my week-long adventure to Columbus, Ohio!! My father, his business partner Dennis, and myself are attending the 2012 ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show in Columbus, Ohio. Here we will see exhibitors, company owners, and the who's-who of the hunting industry at this three day long show! The best part? No school for a week ANNNNDDD not having to sit through boring exam reviews for seven hours a day :) 
My sister Regan & I at last year's show with Nicole Jones from Driven TV.
My sister and myself pictured here with Lee & Tiffany, stars of The Crush with Lee & Tiffany.
Micheal Waddell, Nick Munt, and Travis Turner from The Bone Collector.

More details later! See y'all next week!! Peace RoCo :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Myth Busters

If any of y'all are anything like myself, bobby pins are a vital part of your hair routine/styles. A not-so-cute hair style is ones wear a multitude of bobby pins are randomly sticking out in every direction. Also a problem with girls with medium to thick hair is having to use a) a ton of bobby pins or b) tons of hair spray in one area for good hold (which isn't an attractive look). Well readers... I've came across the problem AND the solution...
This, my friend, is the problem. Notice how the wavy side of the bobby pin is facing outward? Well it isn't doing its job. What job you ask? The wavy side of the bobby pin wasn't added for a stylish look... it was added to actually hold your hair. The wavy part is supposed to go against your head, leaving the flat side exposed. I personally have been using bobby pins incorrectly ever since I've used them in my hair. When the wavy side is exposed, it's not doing its purpose which is to hold your hair against the other side of the pin. If you think it doesn't make a difference... you're wrong. Try it one time and you'll find yourself using it correctly from then on. I have medium to thick hair myself and love having my bangs twisted or french braided back off my face. Before several days ago, it would take two to three pins to hold the hair back depending on how my hair was styled. Now, just one pin, and NO hairspray! 

Try applying your bobby pin as I suggested and see if you can't feel the instant difference in the support your bobby pin is adding. It makes a huge difference! Comment if this works for you and spread the word :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mothers.. With Teenage Daughters

Kudos to you all, truly. Mothers teach you lessons no one else could. Crazy as it seems, they were teenagers too.. so they've probably learned from experiences. Speaking as a fourteen year old girl, I've came into terms with the common "my mom hates me" gig... trust me she doesn't. No mother and daughter will agree on everything. Your mother, rather your a male or female, only looks out for you. She's only trying to make choices that will help you in the long run. Sure, you may not think she is necessarily the coolest Mom on the block... but when you're in jail, pregnant, or living at home when you're 30, you will think "Dang, I should have listened to my Ma!" Back to my your mom doesn't hate you statement... No where in the Mom Handbook does it state your mom is going to treat you like she's your same-age best friend. Mom trump's best friend. Mother's will often be their daughters best friend, but the motherly role comes superior to the best friend role. My own mother, preaches this statement to me over, and over, AND OVER. As much as I hate admitting I'm not always right, she IS right. Without her guidance and authority, the good Lord only knows how deep of a hole I'd have dug myself into by now. The reason this blog is entitled "Mothers.. With Teenage Daughters" is because as far as I can tell, daughters or the female species in general, can be pistols to handle! No matter if you're 22 months old or 22 years old... conflicts will still arise with you and your mom. Next time you feel the tension of the next World War III coming on just because your mom tells you to "put an undershirt on", or "If blah-blah jumped of a bridge, would you?", take a step back and think about how not having a caring Mother could effect you. Your mom telling you that you cannot attend the throw-down at the popular guys house could be the difference of you getting pregnant. I've always thought "OMG I'll be the coolest Mom EVER! I'll let my kids go and do as they please"... HA! Yeah right, after seeing what goes down in high school, my poor kids will be lucky to get to go to football games without tracking devices and/or a hired personal watching them at all times. I think one of the reasons I've turned out relatively normal compared to most students at my school is all because of the guidance and authority I've received from my parents, especially my mother! The reason I say my mother, is because most dads I know (mine included), will answer questions on hanging out with "Ask your mom!!!" Everyone's parents seem to be letting their kids do whatever... not my parents! Teenagers now associate "hanging out" with smoking pot... and "going to the movies" with having sex. Those kids are the ones getting arrested, the ones expecting kids, and the ones with failing grades. Thankfully, I've had nurturing, protective, and very wise parents to guide me down the dirt road of life. Anyone who's walked down a dirt road will tell you that it has it's twists, turns, bumps, & bugs. Without my parents, I'd have fallen down and gotten a heck of a lot of mosquito bites...! SO, what I'm trying to say is, Thanks Mom. Thanks for telling me no, for making me think twice, for pissing me off, and for looking out for me. You could have easily just answered my requests with a "sure, whatever", but being the good Mother that you've been all these years... You always answer with the decision that's best for me... I love you Mom!