Saturday, January 7, 2012

Myth Busters

If any of y'all are anything like myself, bobby pins are a vital part of your hair routine/styles. A not-so-cute hair style is ones wear a multitude of bobby pins are randomly sticking out in every direction. Also a problem with girls with medium to thick hair is having to use a) a ton of bobby pins or b) tons of hair spray in one area for good hold (which isn't an attractive look). Well readers... I've came across the problem AND the solution...
This, my friend, is the problem. Notice how the wavy side of the bobby pin is facing outward? Well it isn't doing its job. What job you ask? The wavy side of the bobby pin wasn't added for a stylish look... it was added to actually hold your hair. The wavy part is supposed to go against your head, leaving the flat side exposed. I personally have been using bobby pins incorrectly ever since I've used them in my hair. When the wavy side is exposed, it's not doing its purpose which is to hold your hair against the other side of the pin. If you think it doesn't make a difference... you're wrong. Try it one time and you'll find yourself using it correctly from then on. I have medium to thick hair myself and love having my bangs twisted or french braided back off my face. Before several days ago, it would take two to three pins to hold the hair back depending on how my hair was styled. Now, just one pin, and NO hairspray! 

Try applying your bobby pin as I suggested and see if you can't feel the instant difference in the support your bobby pin is adding. It makes a huge difference! Comment if this works for you and spread the word :)

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