Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A few short days ago I found myself watching the Lifetime movie "Mom at Sixteen." A quote that has stuck with me since I watched the film was one stated by the lead star, Danielle Panabaker, saying that a child chooses his/her parents before they ever get to Earth. I took this in a unique way: when I got to thinking about it I wasn't sure if you as a little infant 'chose' your parents... Or if our good ole Lord chose your parents. For some reason I think it is spilt 50/50. Maybe up in the baby factory we as little bits of life chose a couple of families, then God matches us with the person/couple whom he knows will teach us lessons no one else could. These lessons would be the ones that molded us into the adults we would later grow into. God also matched us with certain people, so other people would come into our lives. These new people that would emerge daily would sometimes be in our life for short periods of time, & others for longer periods of time. BUT, they would be in our life for a reason. Sometimes I think a person enters into our life just to teach us lessons. Other times I think people come into my life just as a reminder that God is & always will be there! It seems just as you think you've hit an all-time low or a major pothole in the road, something or someone totally unexpected pops up. Some people bring you way up, and then there's some who are just there go guide you over the pothole. You never really know how much someone can/could effect you until you take the time to really get to know them and what they're all about. When I sit down and look back on past events, there is always someone who it seemed like was only there to drag me down. But then there's always that other person, who's always there to lift me back up. No one is utterly responsible for this other than God. He will never throw anything your way unless he knows you can handle it. Everything happens for a reason. & God always has a reason!!

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