Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friiiiidaaaay!♥

You know what today is? Of course you do... it's Friday! As usual, today is the weekly "High Five 4 Friday" link up hosted by Lauren from From My Grey Desk Blog! It is simple- you post a entry proclaiming the five best things from this week, then you visit Lauren's blog, link up, and you can check out others doing the same thing! 

Here are the top five things this week had to offer...

1. I got to drive a Convertible Mercedes Benz! Heck yeah!! Major change from my dad's F150. Wouldn't mind driving this baby every day.

2. I got to see my sweet heart far more than usual this week. During a normal week we will only see each other on Sunday, but this week gave us a lot more boyfriend-girlfriend time! Can't wait for tomorrow...♥

3. Speaking of tomorrow... we will be BEACH BOUND!!! Sun in my eyes, sand places it should never go, and salty sea air/water... I'm such a beach bum!

4. Yesterday I had to accompany my grand mother to have a procedure done in a near by county. My reward? Buttermilk pancakes from Crackle Barrel. And not just any buttermilk pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes with the fresh fruit toppings....sweet peach toppings♥ I could almost hear the hallelujah chorus as I chomped. :)

5. "But love, I've come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion, in the things we do for each other every day"
-The Wedding { by nicholas sparks }

I stumbled across this quote while reading "The Wedding" in class on day. I jotted it down and it made its way to the bottom of my purse. When I was switching to my new Coach bag Tyler got me for my birthday, I rediscovered it. Reading this aloud to myself made me realize in a whole new way what a precious thing true love is. And that is definitely "high five" worthy!

Happy Friday, babes!
If you come to wonder if I have gone 'MIA' over the next week, it is because of my beach trip! I'm going to try my best to stay off my phone, so the posts might be few & far between. However, I will be back next week...full of new posts & ideas!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet Megan! { Southern Love Blog }

As I have said before, one thing I cherish about blogging is all the wonderful people you meet along the way! This lovely lady you are about to read about, (and go visit) is a true sweetheart. I'm so glad our paths crossed and we have gotten more familiar with one another! Here is the lovely Megan from Southern Love Blog!

Hi Lovelies, I'm Megan

& I blog over at Southern Love<3

 I am a lover of Jesus and a Southern girl through and through! I am a Communications student at Auburn University- ultimately will end up in Public Relations in NASCAR! 

I am the girl behind Hearts Prepared and also behind Southern Love blog.  I am definitely a social butterfly, and love love love to meet new friends! I am the founder of Hearts Prepared Ministries, a Women's ministry, and I love watching the journey unfold that God has planned for me!

I hope that this gave you a little glimpse into my life! 

So come stop by and let's get to become blogger friends!

Thank you to Sweet Rachel for letting me ramble and for having me!!

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Have a glorious Thursday! Come back tomorrow to see this weeks "High Fives"!!!

Current Crush: UpDoS

As many of you all know, I live in the sunny state of North Carolina- where humidity is an every day thing & mosquitoes should be the state bird. With weather like we've been experiencing, wearing my hair down has became dreadful and not likely. More and more I have been styling my hair off my neck when going out, or if I am outdoors in general. Here are a few updos I've came across and then modeled my own styles after making updos this weeks "current crush"...

Anything that looks like it didn't require much effort, or anything that portrays volume is right up my alley! 

What's your favorite "summer do' ???"

If you've never linked up with Danielle at Framed Frosting, head over and join the fun! I've met countless bloggers who are filled with motivation and inspiration... you won't be disappointed :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet Carly {Lipgloss & Crayons}

I love making friends through the blogging world, so today I am introducing you to Carly! Her blog, Lipgloss and Crayons, is her adult outlet away from her elementary school teaching job!  She loves to hear from her readers, so make sure you go say hello, and tell her I sent you! (:

Hello all! I'm Carly, and I blog over at Lipgloss and Crayons.  I'm an elementary school teacher, a newlywed, a Christian, and a fashion lover.  On my blog you will find crafts, recipes, beauty tips, and fashion obsessions plus a little info about my life in the City of Angels.  Stop by, and make sure you say hello.....I love meeting new friends!

Grab My Button:
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Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: Pallet Flower Planter

Today's refreshed= reusable post consists of a flower planter I constructed out of an old pallet and left over black-plastic piping. This is an intermediate skill type of DIY- while the piping is easy to cut and drill through, a Skil Saw was used to cut the 'half moons' you will see later. 

-1 pallet, any size desired
-how many ever planter-holders desired
-'half moons' *two for each end of the plant-holders*
-hammer & roofing nails
 -electric drill, and bit to bur holes
-nail gun and nails with larger heads
-3 feet long, slender boards
-pre treated plywood
-spray paint (if desired)

pallet- each 'slat' is 3 ft long

black plastic pipe, cut in half

'half moons' cut out of plywood, spray painted black

'half moons' nailed into end of piping via roofing nails + hammer

plant holder, nailed to pallet with nail gun. placing the 3 ft long slender board atop of the planter while nailing helps to secure plant holder. 

when all 'planters' are nailed to pallet, use a drill with a hole-burring bit to make holes in the bottom of black planters. this will allow excess water to run out of the planters

paint your masterpiece, if desired. spray paint is advised to make things easier. 

here is the final product! i inserted fake flowers just so you could see my 'vision' for this DIY!

There ya have it, yolks! A laid out instructional guide on how to conduct your very own pallet-planter! You've seen it on Pinterest, and probably somewhere else... so join the club and take pride in making your very own! If you do make your own, I'd love to see your pictures! Best of luck to ya!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Social Link-Up

I discovered a link-up hosted by the wonderful Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup! The idea is to answer the questions Neely puts on the previous weeks post to share your interests in a creative way! Sounded like fun and a new way to interact with people in the blogging world! Here it goes...

What is your all-time favourite song?

Where The Green Grass Grows- Tim McGraw

What is your favourite singer/band?

This one was a toughie! I love so many country artists because no one is the same. But seriously, what's not to love about Luke Bryan!?

What is your theme song/song that best describes 
your life?

We Rode in Trucks-Luke Bryan
This song totally describes life thus far in my small home town! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

What songs put you in a good mood?

International Harvester- Craig Morgan

What is your favorite road-trip music?

Laughed Until We Cried- Jason Aldean

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

Maybe this strange love has something to do with the fact that I love "O Brother Where Art Thou" or that this tune makes me want to hop up and dance! Who knows, but once it is suck in my head, there ain't no going back!

If you think this is a fun idea and want to join in, head over to A Complete Waste of Makeup and link up! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meet Elizabeth! {Fearless & Frugal }

Happy Saturday everyone! The gal you're about to read about is one of my June sponsors! Her blog is the bomb if you are on a budget, or love just looking to save cash! She also has great style with a fabulous personality to match!

My name is Elizabeth and I blog over at Fearless & Frugal! I'm a grad school student in the Pittsburgh area (Let's go Pens!) studying Elementary Education.  In my free time I love to blog (duhh!), practice yoga and Pilates, read, spend time at BF's farm, experiment with cooking and watch way too much reality TV (the housewives shows are my fave). I love the beach, country music, a great cup of coffee and anything that has to do with the Disney Princesses or Disney World (yes, I'm 5 years old). 

I started my blog to share my experiences at becoming more frugal -- my senior year of college I quit my job to focus on school and I watched my bank account dwindle as I got too careless with my money. I quickly realized I had to live my life a little differently if I wanted to avoid major financial problems. I started spending less and when I needed to spend, I spent more wisely. My blog is a way to share with anyone out there how I am trying to live a more fearless and frugal lifestyle :) 

Y'all head over to Elizabeth's blog Fearless & Frugal and show her all the love you show me! Make sure you tell her I sent you!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday!!!

Finally- I thought Friday would never come! This week has consisted of long hours in the scoring southern sun! My neighbor, Ashton, and her family are out of town which left me in charge of watering there plants. This week has been the only week in months that went without rain. No rain has left all the plants bone dry, and made the days seem so much hotter! Thankfully they return tomorrow! 

Without further or do, here are the five best things this week has brought...

1. I got my permit!! Which means I can drive from 5am-9pm with a person who has had a license for 5+ years! Exciting, exciting. 

2. My cousin took me out to dinner Monday for a belated birthday dinner! So great catching up with her and a good friend Leah!
The waiter who took this wasn't an experienced photographer...sorry!

3. I finally got to go to the Sweet Frog which just opened in Salisbury! Triple Yum!!!

4. With my $75 dollar gift card to Marshal's, I purchased two great blouses for a little over 30 bucks! This one was originally $54.00! Love me a good bargain.

5. The countdown proceeds... eight days until I smell that salty sea air! Couldn't be more ready!

If you have not ever linked up with Lauren in her weekly High Five For Friday link-up, you must join the fun! Expose your blog + meet new people! Be sure to have a fun filled blessed weekend♥

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I Wore Today

I typically don't share what I wear on my blog, because it is usually running shorts with a mismatched t-shirt. However, today I felt the urge to snazzy things up. I was accompanying my grandmother on a trip to the doctors, then to go shopping around Concord. I received many compliments on my blouse, so I had to share you y'all!!

Blouse: Milano (purchased @ Marshal's)
Shorts: Forever 21
Sandals: Rack Room Shoes (brand- Pesaro)

Current Crush: Lace

Hip-hip-hooray! It's one day til FRIDAY!! :)

Have you jumped on the lace- bandwagon?? I have!
Sister purchased me this dress at Kohl's!

My 'current crush' this fabulous Thursday is lace clothing/ shoes! I love the vintage look lace offers. Plus it can make an outfit look fancier in my eyes! Here are some favourite pieces of lace clothing!

What fabric are you obsessed with this summer??

Looking for a routine link up to join? Head over and see Danielle at Framed Frosting- post about your current crush, and link up! It's fun, easy, and a great way to meet new people!