Friday, January 27, 2012

'High School' Proof Your Relationship♥

All summer things are sweeter than sugar. Back-to-School time rolls around and sweet goes to sour. People are mean. With meanness becomes jealousy, jealousy melts into spitefulness. Soon enough spitefulness leads to tears. All this can be avoided if you go into game with your helmet on and your values fresh on the mind. Here are some raw but tender suggestions on how to 'High School Proof Your Relationship! ♥

1) Don't let it get by one time. If you let some other wedge them-self in between you an your man/lady one time...nothing in the world will stop her/him from doing it again. And again.
2) Set the day. Schedule's can go whack between homework and extra curricular activities: Have the same cuddle day/date night every day of the week. It helps being on a 'schedule' because you know every day of that week is for your lover. Feeling excluded is the worst feeling in the world. For a personal example... almost every Sunday, either I go to church with my boyfriend, or vise versa! Afterward we usually have lunch and spend the remainder of the day doing activities we both enjoy! 
3) Always remember "Honesty Is The Best Policy!!!" You must have trust to have a rock solid relationship. FYI, trust should never be based upon lies. Just be honest! Any one would rather be told the truth than lied too! SO.. to avoid tears, confusion, and misleading... just tell truth. If they are spending time getting to know you, you should be 110% honest. A little lie DOES hurt!
4) It's high school. You're going to be around people all school day. You can't avoid it. So while you are around those people... don't act in away towards someone if you wouldn't want your partner acting that same way. This statement goes back to the whole 'treat others how you wish to be treated' stuff. Being friendly and being flirty are two totally different ballgames. 
5) You think it hurts when girls gossip about you.. it hurts even more when your partner is gossiping about you. When I say gossiping I am referring to bragging and complaining as well. If your partner irritates you.. I am truly sorry BUT it happens. Don't talk down on them! Chances are they will hear about it leaving them still irritated, and now pissed/on the verge of kicking your butt to the curb!!!  If your girl/guy won't 'give you any' that is THEIR choice. Yeah it could suck if your hormones are on over drive but it makes you look like a tool when you are complaining about your non-existing sex life! So don't complain. It is perfectly okay you have a strictly mental relationship rather than a only physical one. It's high school.. you'll have plenty of years ahead for sexual activity! Complaining is a tool move... bragging is a jerk move. Congrats if you do in fact 'get some'.. but respect your partner enough not to go tell the whole locker room, lunch table, or math class. It is just rude. When I myself hear a guy (I say guy because it is mostly guys who brag about their sex life.) bragging about what they've got from their partner I am silently thinking "WOW you're not only a jerk, you're a disrespectful *insert bad bad words here*!!!" When guys brag, they get some high fives..when girls brag, they get dirty looks & dirty names. A few less high fives won't hurt... a few less dirty labels definitely will never hurt! If you do feel the need to consult with peer(s) about your sexual activity.. think about how disrespected and hurt your partner could feel when they hear from everyone about your 'gossiping.' Instead of verbally expressing your sex life to a person, write it on a piece of paper to express how you are feeling...then rip that paper to shreds. It will satisfy your need to talk about it. 
PS: If you wouldn't want people knowing about your sex life...Don't ask about someone else's!!! If they want you to know about their sex life, they will tell you...otherwise, what happens when the lights are off... stays where the lights are off!!

I hope any boyfriend/girlfriend reading this takes these few tips to mind (especially if your relationship is struggling). Also, I hope any single individuals reading this post also takes these suggestions to heart when engaging in their next relationship! :) 

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