Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look Out Columbus!

Tomorrow marks the start of my week-long adventure to Columbus, Ohio!! My father, his business partner Dennis, and myself are attending the 2012 ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show in Columbus, Ohio. Here we will see exhibitors, company owners, and the who's-who of the hunting industry at this three day long show! The best part? No school for a week ANNNNDDD not having to sit through boring exam reviews for seven hours a day :) 
My sister Regan & I at last year's show with Nicole Jones from Driven TV.
My sister and myself pictured here with Lee & Tiffany, stars of The Crush with Lee & Tiffany.
Micheal Waddell, Nick Munt, and Travis Turner from The Bone Collector.

More details later! See y'all next week!! Peace RoCo :)

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  1. Rachel I cant believe you are gonna be away for a week, have an amazing time, and be safe!


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