Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day One

After hours of sitting alone at my fathers booth,BORED, you'd think some great amazing genius blog idea would have came to me.. resulting in me brainstorming all day to then rush back to the hotel room to write a life changing blog. Sorry readers, this will be one of the blogs with no meaning what-so-ever, but maybe it will give you a little chuckle. Did I mention I was BORED today?! I did see Pat & Nicole, Lee and Tiffany, The Bone Collectors, and a few other hunting celebrities. My dad pestered me all day, my jeans were super un-comfy, and I ate a $9.00 hamburger. Exciting.
This is my new puppy Darla, whom I am missing DEARLY! Oh, & I miss my mom & sissy, and my boyfriend!♥ Hope y'all are having a fabulous week! XOXO

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