Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: Picture Frame Makeover!

Turn a drab picture frame... into a fab picture frame :)

You Will Need:
1 boring plain picture frame
Paint (If you wish to paint your frame (as I did)
Paint Brush (If needed)
Washable Elmer's School Glue
*Keep in mind, this was a messy project. Consider spreading out an old towel,sheet,etc. if you will be doing this project on a 'not crafty' area!*

First, I took an old dull blue picture frame that wasn't being used and applied two coats of white paint (Any paint will do, I used house paint {what was available})
After both coats were dry, I cleaned up the inside edges with a Q-Tip. Then used another Q-Tip to touch up the outside edges.

I had purchased a tub of  'Bright Rainbow Craft Buttons" for a previous project from for a previous Christmas gift project.  800 buttons, many different sizes.

With my White Elmer's School Glue, I applied small dots of glue to the frame to secure my buttons. I didn't use a hot glue gun in case I didn't like the placement of a button, or I later decided to remove the buttons to create a different look. 

If desired (to add a sassy touch) purchase ribbon, tie in a bow, then hot glue the 'legs' of the ribbon to your frame. This will add some spice to the normal ways of hanging pictures!
& Enjoy your new fresh frame! :)

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