Looking to add a little "Dash of Southern" to your blog page?? keep scrollin'...

Or are you interested in 'blurb swapping?' 
Well, I am offering advertisement for your blog, on my page, if you intend on returning the favor. If you are interested, please email me at dashofsouthern@yahoo.com. When you email me, please include the link to your blog & please have a blog button or be creating one if you are interested. Without a button, I will not have a good advertisement source for your blog!

How it will work: one day on my blog, I will write a post featuring you and your blog, so my readers are channeled to your page. In return, you will do the same for me on your page (typically on the same day) so your readers and followers discover my blog. It is intended to be a win-win scenario, and there is no charge. I ask that you email me about sponsor swapping at the beginning of the month, so I can display your button on my side bar for a full month. However, as of right now, I will leave all sponsor buttons on my sidebar for awhile, unless it gets too crowded. Then, the oldest will come down first! 

Promote Your Small Business

You've visited this area of my blog because you're interested in promoting your small business on A Dash of Southern. If you choose my blog to advertise on, I consider this a huge honor. Therefore I will do anything I can to help promote your blog: Twitter shout outs, posting your pictures on my Instagram, mentioning you in video posts, etc. If you are interested in this free service I am offering, I ask you do one of three things in return...
1)donate an item for a give away I host
2) give me a free item to keep & wear in pictures I post.
3) if you see any item you like in my DIY & Crafts section that you would like to have, we can trade product for product. I will again, wear your items in pictures I post. 

I consider all these options a win/win situation for us both. Whatever option you feel that will best promote you is your choice. I hope advertising on A Dash of Southern is something you are interested in. Email me any time to discuss advertising. 

Button Up!!!

If you aren't doing blurb swaps on your blog, but you would like to swap buttons, I would be happy to place your button on my sidebar for as long as you wish- as long as you keep mine up for that time as well! If you are wanting to button swap, please email me at dashofsouthern {at} yahoo {dot} com

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I have no idea why, but I somehow missed your sweet comment back in June about swapping ads! I'm SO sorry! I don't think I ever emailed you...I would love to swap buttons with you!! Sorry again, and I'm adding yours to my page now :)

    Have a good rest of your Sunday!


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