Monday, January 16, 2012

Crap DOES Stink...

In the county we live in, it seems people aren't aware that they aren't  in Hollywood. There's two types of people: the people who dream about having a good deal of money, and there are those who have a good deal of money & chose to rub it in everyone's faces. These kind of people, I believe, think their own crap does not stink. News Flash!!!! Poo poo stinks. The Kardashian's poo stinks, Jason Aldean's poo stinks, my poo stinks, YOUR poo stinks. Even though you walk around in your high fashion Gucci shoes, when you pop a squat... your poo poo is not going to smell like fancy Italian leather. Sorry! Congrats on having money and all the luxuries that come with that, but there are some less fortunate people in this world. One's that can only dream of owning a Coach, ones that have never eaten at a fancy sushi bar, ones that couldn't dream of owning anything from Ikea or Ralph Lauren. You can personally enjoy what you have, but flaunting it to anyone to happens to stroll by is a pretty rude/self-less act. Next time you finish your $50 medium-rare steak at wherever your parents Benjamin Franklin's can take you, make sure to take a whiff of the aftermath of that filet mignon. Take it from someone who knows, poo poo STINKS. Life isn't always about material objects. Life is about love, learning, and living to the fullest. God made everyone equal. 

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