Friday, January 6, 2012

Mothers.. With Teenage Daughters

Kudos to you all, truly. Mothers teach you lessons no one else could. Crazy as it seems, they were teenagers too.. so they've probably learned from experiences. Speaking as a fourteen year old girl, I've came into terms with the common "my mom hates me" gig... trust me she doesn't. No mother and daughter will agree on everything. Your mother, rather your a male or female, only looks out for you. She's only trying to make choices that will help you in the long run. Sure, you may not think she is necessarily the coolest Mom on the block... but when you're in jail, pregnant, or living at home when you're 30, you will think "Dang, I should have listened to my Ma!" Back to my your mom doesn't hate you statement... No where in the Mom Handbook does it state your mom is going to treat you like she's your same-age best friend. Mom trump's best friend. Mother's will often be their daughters best friend, but the motherly role comes superior to the best friend role. My own mother, preaches this statement to me over, and over, AND OVER. As much as I hate admitting I'm not always right, she IS right. Without her guidance and authority, the good Lord only knows how deep of a hole I'd have dug myself into by now. The reason this blog is entitled "Mothers.. With Teenage Daughters" is because as far as I can tell, daughters or the female species in general, can be pistols to handle! No matter if you're 22 months old or 22 years old... conflicts will still arise with you and your mom. Next time you feel the tension of the next World War III coming on just because your mom tells you to "put an undershirt on", or "If blah-blah jumped of a bridge, would you?", take a step back and think about how not having a caring Mother could effect you. Your mom telling you that you cannot attend the throw-down at the popular guys house could be the difference of you getting pregnant. I've always thought "OMG I'll be the coolest Mom EVER! I'll let my kids go and do as they please"... HA! Yeah right, after seeing what goes down in high school, my poor kids will be lucky to get to go to football games without tracking devices and/or a hired personal watching them at all times. I think one of the reasons I've turned out relatively normal compared to most students at my school is all because of the guidance and authority I've received from my parents, especially my mother! The reason I say my mother, is because most dads I know (mine included), will answer questions on hanging out with "Ask your mom!!!" Everyone's parents seem to be letting their kids do whatever... not my parents! Teenagers now associate "hanging out" with smoking pot... and "going to the movies" with having sex. Those kids are the ones getting arrested, the ones expecting kids, and the ones with failing grades. Thankfully, I've had nurturing, protective, and very wise parents to guide me down the dirt road of life. Anyone who's walked down a dirt road will tell you that it has it's twists, turns, bumps, & bugs. Without my parents, I'd have fallen down and gotten a heck of a lot of mosquito bites...! SO, what I'm trying to say is, Thanks Mom. Thanks for telling me no, for making me think twice, for pissing me off, and for looking out for me. You could have easily just answered my requests with a "sure, whatever", but being the good Mother that you've been all these years... You always answer with the decision that's best for me... I love you Mom!

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