Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Covers

The kid that smells, he has no running water. The man on the side of the road, his house burnt down. The girl crying in the hall, her mom is dying. The guy at the children's home, his parents kicked him out. The girl who won't dress in front of everyone else, has been abused and bullied. Who are you to judge, when you have no details on that individuals situation? Even if you think you know all the details... you really don't have any clue what anyone's heart is feeling unless it's yours. No one is perfect or was made to be perfect. No one wants to smell. No one wants to have no other option but to sleep outside. No one wants people to know the truth behind their bruises and scars. The smelly guy might have the best personality in the world, but how would you know if you never got to know the guy? Exactly, you wouldn't. My most favorite novel of all time has a bicycle as the front cover. A bicycle. Who wants to read a book with a bicycle on the cover?? Well who would want to have a conversation with the smelly guy? You never know the good inside of anything if you never get close enough to read a few pages. Don't think you're cool if you are the one cracking jokes on the kids you know nothing about. You never really know who may be listening... or who may be able to relate to the one your teasing's situation. Never judge, and never assume because you aren't and never will be that person. Next time you witness someone making assumptions followed by crude remarks, call them out. Tell them it ISN'T okay to talk like they actually have a clue about that persons life. If you put a stop to incorrect perspectives coming from those around you, others will notice, and pass on this important message. 
PS: If people will talk about others with you.. they will sooner or later talk about you!

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