Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take the Road Less Traveled By

For whatever reason, on a normal day I get asked questions which answers require various different types of advice. Sometimes my advice is themed around "don't do what every one else is, because only you know what will make you happy," which is SO true. Another common thing I 'preach' is to always go with the thing or option you'd least expect. For me, and for other friends who have taken my advice, the things you'd least expect are generally the things that will make you the happiest in the end. You can never make a decision based on someone else's opinion. Why? Because they aren't you. They never will be you. They don't have your mind set, your sensitivity level, your past, your values, nor your view on life. Therefore, you can't make choices based on what someone else wants you to do. To clarify my testimony, I will give you an example: Say you really like this certain someone. Throw in that maybe they aren't in your 'group', maybe their family doesn't have as much money as some of the people you associate with, and say they aren't the next Albert Einstein. But, they make you happy. They can put that magical twinkle in your eyes. They warm your heart and put peace to your mind. They make you feel like the only girl/boy on the planet. But your friends give you the 'ews,' the 'you-can-do-betters,' etc. You have to ask yourself one question... and one question only: Do I go with my gut feeling, saying go for it, you never know what the future holds. OR, do you go with the crowd, and move on to the next cocky jock because he is McHottie, instead of McNottie?? Don't think this only pertains to relationships, because my theory expands way beyond relationships. One of my friends has an obsession with high heels, but won't wear them to school because people will think she is a 'slut.' Girl, WHO CARES! Who cares what everyone else thinks. They aren't you! If them heels make you tick, strut what the good Lord gave you & to hell with the 'negative-Nellys!!!' Life is all about making yourself happy. You can't please everyone, it is virtually impossible. If you go through life always pleasing your hardest critics, you will never satisfy yourself to the fullest. God made you You for a reason! Embrace YOUR wishes and YOUR dreams! They're your dreams for a reason. You were born an individual, don't die a copy. Go with what your heart tells you to do, not your head. If the choice that makes you the happiest is the road less traveled by, then take that road! Don't get so wrapped up in the chaos that you lose touch with who you really are. It's better to be alone the first few miles than to be caught up in the traffic and risk losing touch with who you really are, & what you truly believe in. 

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