Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday LP!

I'd like to make a cyber-shout out to Landon M., my hopeful soon to be cousin! He turned 10 today & was sweet enough to invite me to go out for his birthday celebration!! We went to "Kabuto," I think it's spelled, in the University area. It is a Japanese steakhouse/ sushi bar! Since I don't do sushi, hibachi steal sounded delicious, and indeed it was!!! Hope you had a great day little man! & I hope your party Saturday goes well!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away...

...I wouldn't be here, I'd be visiting you.

Dear Michele, 

     I can't tell you that the shock is gone because it isn't. And I can't tell you that I understand 'everything happens for a reason,' because I can't discover the reason why something so cruel could happen to someone fantastic. Life isn't fair because bad things shouldn't happen to bad people. But people make mistakes and accidents happen. All that doesn't change the fact that I miss you. I miss you everyday, all the time. I was only six, and now I realize how unfair it is that I didn't get to know you as well as others. But that doesn't change the fact that I love you so much. Your presence is known and your spirit is alive in every one of us. We struggle, although you wouldn't want us to. But we will always keep your memory alive in spirit. If none of us ever figure out our purpose in life, we will know that one thing we were meant to do is to honor you. I love you Aunt Michele!!!♥ I miss you every day. Eight years but it still seems as if it was yesterday.
Love, Rachel

If heaven wasn't so far away....

I will remember you...♥


Monday, April 23, 2012

My High Fives

Five Favorite Books
1. Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas- James Patterson
2. True Believer -Nicholas Sparks
3. Safe Haven- Nicholas Sparks
4. Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins
5. The Guardian- Nicholas Sparks

Five Favorite Stores
1. Marshalls
2. Victoria Secret
3. American Eagle
4. Body Central 
5. Rack Room Shoes

Five Favorite Foods
1. Cheese Dip
2. Meatloaf 
3. Deer Tenderloin 
4. Spaghetti
5. Strawberry Cake

Five Favorite Television Shows
1. Texas Women
2. Dance Moms
3. Duck Dynasty 
4. Sweet Home Alabama
5. The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Five Countdowns
Days until:
1. My One Year Anniversary- 20
2. School Gets Out- 33 (school days)
3. I get my permit- 56
4. Beach with Tyler- 68
5. Birmingham, Alabama- 87

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Butterfly Tattoos.

Today = picture + caption day!!

For my 18th birthday.. I am getting a butterfly tattoo.
Period. & I totally love everything about this tattoo (size, location, etc.)
Maybe I'll get bigger bling too? ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toilets & Flower Girls

Jeez. This morning was scary. My iPhone 4 fumbled into the toilet. Heart attack? Yes. Did my Otter Box save my life? Heck yes. But after I left for school, all was smooth sailing. Except for when Shim and Emmie Lou got in a fight, and Shim pulled out a fluff of Emmie's hair. Ashton and I were like mother's at preschool!! 

& guess who gets to be the flower girl?? Moi!!! My Aunt Alicia is soon to be engaged!♥

Especially when you go with your boyfriend. Seven days with Tyler Brown at Ocean Lakes.
Adventure waiting to happen...♥(;

Happy Hump Day!!!
Get humpin'...(;

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's In Your Mailbox??

The three James Patterson novels I purchased Friday evening, that's what!

I was so excited when I checked the mailbox this afternoon to discover my new books had arrived! I got three James Patterson novels, "Sunday's at Tiffany's", "Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas", and "Sam's Letters to Jennifer", off eBay for around 8 bucks, for all three! Although I have already read "Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas", I couldn't pass up the offer for that good of a price! 'S.D.F.N' is by far one of the greatest books I have ever read. It is just all around a great novel!! I highly recommend you put it on your summer reading list if in fact you have no read it! I now have two copies, if anyone who knows me personally wishes to borrow one. 

I was sad when I realized I had a ton of homework, therefore I couldn't crack open "Sunday's at Tiffany's" quite yet. But trust me, it will not be long!! 

Don't you just love books???!♥

Happy Reading
Happy Pre-Hump Day!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Night Blues

Today... was a good day. I thank the good Lord above for allowing good days to happen. It seems they always come about right when we need them most. 

Went grocery shopping with Michelle, Tyler's mom, this morning. Tyler, his older brother, and Dad were on their way home from Carolina Beach, so Michelle & I were shopping to prepare a yummy lunch upon request. I was really excited that I was getting to see Tyler when he got home. (:  We served big juicy burgers, and I must say they were close to the best I've ever had. And I made my aunt's Strawberry Shortcake.. yum! Needless to say, my laziness and Tyler's sunburn made for a good afternoon spent talking. I must throw in that he is so sweet, and I am so honored to be 'his girl.'

At 8:00pm, I was headed back to Wal-Mart. On the way there I decided to make a meal plan for this week. I have noticed that if I make a schedule of what I want to prepare for dinner, it is more likely to get done than if I just buy random stuff thinking I will fix it.So, here it is...

Monday: Southwest Three Cheese Chicken with Velveeta Shells&Cheese
Tuesday: Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Toast
Wednesday: Meatloaf with green beans (maybe)
Thursday: Salmon with Scalloped Potatoes 
Friday: Homemade Pizza

 I also decided, at my hair appointment Thursday that I was going to switch shampoos, and hair products when the ones I have run out. I had previously been using Herbal Essences 'Tousle Me Softly,' but my hair never seemed to feel clean. I have recently start using Aussie mousse and gel. It left my hair feelings gunky and super unclean. I made the switch tonight, buying TRESemme 'Naturals' shampoo and conditioner.. I love it! Only one use and there is a visible difference!! I plan on using there mousse when my other runs out! I chose TRESemme because my stylist told me that TRESemme, along with Nexxus, used to be 'salon' brands before they were bought out. So they are salon quality at 'Wal-Mart!' SCORE! 

I am currently experiencing 'Sunday Night Blues'... my spring break is over! I didn't accomplish near what I had planned.Looking at the positives however, I got to spend time with people whom I love to death & I got Emmie Lou. Peace, Love, & Happiness Bunnies!♥

PS: I finished "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks!!! It is one of my favorites for sure. But then again, I have yet to read a Nicholas Sparks novel that didn't tug at my heart strings! If you see this at the bookstore, or come across it at any other point.. don't turn down the chance to open the pages and start reading! Truly a great, great book! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Bit of Life

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! This, my friends, is a recap of the day in the life of Rachel!

First, I have to share my two life lessons I learned today:
1: My purpose in life is picking rabbit poop out of a feed bowl. Yes, my rabbit poops in her feed bowl. She is so lazy, she sits in it while she eats... resulting in poop landing in her poor feed. 
2: If you are an non-drinker, or underage, & you know you will be spending the evening among intoxicated adults... bring a book to read. Just do it. 

Wake up.
Dress myself in proper turkey hunting attire.
Gather necessities.
Ride in the truck. 
Walk to ground-blind.
Sit & freeze. 
Read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥
Shoot twice at a turkey, failing to kill it both times. 
Watch Dad fail to shoot and kill a turkey once.
Start crying because I thought I disappointed my dad.
Be grumpy while returning home.
Go see my wittle wabbit!
Read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥
Eat 'brunch'
Go pick strawberries and get mulch.
Return home.
Water flowers outside.
Lay on deck & read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥
Entertain guest who came to meet Emmie Lou.
Go with Ashton to look at rabbits.
Go back to Ashton's, without a rabbit.
Call a billion people asking if they have rabbits.
Go home.
Prepare myself for an evening on the lake. 
Go on the lake. 
Go get 75 chicken wings. 
Read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥ on the boat. Double score.
Chat while reading. 
Freeze to death, while reading, as I am tuning out drunken amusement. 
Finally get home. 
Draw a hot bath.
Quick Shower. 
In Process: blogging...

Anyone want to trade places for a day?? I am no Kardashian or Hilton... but I do live an active life. It isn't always beautiful or charming like myself, ( ;] ) but, boredom is not in my vocabulary. 
Ashton finally got her rabbit, well bunny, which she named 'Shim.' Tyler caught come unique fish at the beach. I miss him terribly but am glad he is having a good time. Luckily I get to see him tomorrow when he gets home! I also got to witness a gorgeous High Rock Lake sunset during my cruise. Blessed? Yes♥
Also, I highly recommend any & every Nicholas Sparks book!! James Patterson's Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas is a tear-jerker that is on my 'all-time-favorite' list. Last night I ordered Sam's Letters to Jennifer and Sunday's at Tiffany's by James Patterson and the movie of Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas! I'll admit I am a nerd who loves to read and I cannot wait until my purchases arrive, will surely make my whole month!! What can I say? I am just a hopeless romantic dreaming of a fairy tale future. 
PS: For those supporters of my relationship, yesterday, Friday 13th, happened to be Tyler and I's 11 month anniversary !!! YAY♥ I cannot wait for our one year celebration...lets just say I have a lot up my sleeve :)
Beautiful Sunset!!

My Handsome Man & His Not-So-Handsome Fish!!

& Last, But Not Least... SHIM!
Ashton better find out the sex of this rabbit..
or else Shim and Emmie Lou will not have play dates.
If it tried to 'hump' my poor baby I'd have to hurt it. 

Happy, well, EVERYTHING 

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Cheese to My Danish

Cream Cheese Danish

Here it is folks!! My famous homemade cream cheese danish recipe! Bone Appetite :)

These ingredients needed, brand does not matter
- 2 rolls of crescent rolls
-one 'block' of cream cheese
**Also need cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on top & vanilla extract if desired!

1) Preheat oven to time on crescent roll can (375 F)
2) Mix cream cheese & 1 cup of sugar (splenda) together in bowl
Important: Do not unroll crescents!
3) Roll out full sheet of crescents
4) Spread Cream Cheese & sugar mixture evenly across crescent roll 'sheet'
**Today I was only making 'half' of one... so I only used 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 of the block of cream cheese. Then I spread half the crescent rolls out, spread the mixture, then covered with the other half. I make the smaller version if I am just making it for myself. 
5) Spread the other roll, or other half, over top of the mixture. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon sugar! 
Sorry for the poor quality photo!
6) Bake for 10-12 minutes, depending on your oven
7) After it is done, add a little more cinnamon sugar. You can never have too much!
*Make sure it is cooled, or your 'mixture' will run everywhere, which will make it "Cream Cheese Danish Soup!"

& your done! 
**Spatulas work best for cuttings & serving!

Happy Eating!♥

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am referring to a 'Pet Playpen' I purchased off of ebay Monday. It arrived yesterday evening, so I attempted and half way failed at assembling it this morning. In my defense, the difficulty in assembling it was not my fault. First problem was, no instructions + not the correct-fitting little metal poles to hook the panels together. So I had to result to zip ties I found in the garage. Problem number two: after hooking the playpen together in a square shape, using zip ties to assemble the pen, I realized that they cover that goes on the top is in a hexagon. So I attempt to re-shape the pen. Major fail. Tight zip ties to not budge, under any circumstances. Then I begin cutting, which I believe did more harm than good. But in the end, it is assembled and Emmie Lou is having a blast. But I am not thrilled. The over all quality of the pen is great. It is black metal and each panel (8) is two feet high and two feet wide. Bonus: Emmie cannot escape, so I think. Instructions I believe would've made a world of difference. Beggars can't be choosers however. The problem I am now trying to wrap my mind around is that the ebay description said 'easy set up and tear down'... somehow I doubt that. My other pen I purchased as one long bendable panel, that had two little hooks so it fastened together in a hexagon shape, so set up and transportation was a breeze. 
Picture shown on the ebay page... 

My set up, in square shape.

The easy access door

The cover that fastens over the top, 
so no monsters can get her if we are in the yard!

& finally, my little Emmie Lou 'chilling' in her new pen.

Such a calm little bunny! Love her to pieces. 

Anyone other than me could probably put this together with no problem. But instructions would have been nice. In the long run, all that matters is Emmie has a safe place to play! Have a great Thursday!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coral is the New Black

Yes, I said it. Coral is the new black! & coral is a must have color in your summer wardrobe. Don't believe me? 

 Go buy something CORAL! :)  I did!

I picked up this Nine West purse at Marshall's in awhile back & I love it! 
Originally $88 at a Nine West store, but my thrifty self purchased it for $29.99

What is your 'new black'?? 
& What is your favorite spring/summer color choice when it comes to clothing??

Getting In Touch

Not with your distant relatives....but....with your crafty side!
Everyone has a little creativity in them, it is just up to Pinterest to help you find it!

I'm not a fan of purchasing items to help you do crafts. I prefer to use things I can find around the house! 

Here is my list of crafts I will  accomplish before summer comes!!!

1st Picture: Cut off jeans or use a pair of shorts you already have. Add lace wherever you wish: pockets (front or back), underneath holes, cut the seam on the side and insert underneath, etc.

2nd Picture: I will use yellow and orange pots that came from flowers I purchased then planted in the ground. Mine are plastic, so I'm sure hot glue will do the trick. Thinking of putting herbs in the pots...

3rd Picture: Put a photograph in mason jar, then add olive oil!

4th Picture: Remove the top of the light bulb, somehow... I was thinking of placing wildflowers in these little vases then hanging from a dogwood tree in the yard. Would make a pretty 'picture taking' background!

Enjoy 'gettin your craft on'!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday PaPaw!

Happy 70th Birthday PaPaw Ted! 
Hope it was as great as you!! :)

Two best things in the world?? Hunting & Family Time. Yes.
Hunting is the bomb... spending time with your family is awesome!
Put them together... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

The Youth Day for turkey hunting came in today. Even though we saw nothing, at all, and heard no signs of turkeys, at all... sitting in the woods listening to the peacefulness of Mother Nature is calming. It is one of those things everyone needs to take time to do every once in awhile!

Picked Emmie up from her Daddy Tyler's house...
Yay because I get to see Tyler & yay because I get my babygirl! :)
Received this picture just before arriving at Tyler's, with a caption that said somehting along the lines of "She is staying here, you can't take her..."
That's my floor in the background, which means... she is home!!! 

In between the two, I had to go shopping for Miss Emmie Lou :)
$97 dollars later, & two different trips to the same Petsmart leaves me not broke but hurting from my major withdraw from my car fund! Dang, this little diva needed a lot! 
Let me throw out a question.... would you buy an one foot tall-30 dollar play pen or a two foot tall-50 dollar pen ...??
Well I got the $30 one... and Emmie scaled it...right over the top and out into the open. Glad I turned around when I did! I need something to contain her in while I clean her pen. I'm debating on rather to get a rabbit-sized 'hamster ball' (the ones that you place your critter in & they ran around? You know what I'm talking about... Well one of those or the two foot tall pen. I need both; pen is more practical but the ball would be so fun for the both of us! With my luck, she'd hate the ball and climb over the two foot one. Not even two pounds. Ha ha, she gives me a good giggle, which is exactly what I needed. 
Here she is in her cage, given to me by Tyler's wonderful mother Michelle!
Michelle is who actually got me Emmie, as my Easter present you could say.
Her & Tyler both knew I needed a little companion :)
I purchased her necessities: her play pen, litter pan, litter, Timothy Hay, a heavy bowl (for her water), special wipes (so she smells good), a brush, along with a leash & harness. Tyler is going to be so sweet and get me her feed at the local Feed Mill so I make sure to get what is best for my little sweetie pie :)
Next on my agenda was party time!
The 'Stiller' side of my family knows how to kick it fun style! Always yummy food & memorable laughs! Can't have a birthday in the South without grilling out, so that is what we did! Home-aide hamburgers are the bomb! Finished off the evening with a Strawberry Shortcake. What could get any better? Happy Birthday PaPaw Ted... 70 is the new 40! Hope many more birthdays follow. Thanks for always being a nurturing and encouraging grandfather! 

So now as I sit downstairs, blogging with my new furry friend, I am reminded that you aren't promised another day. And you are never sure what tomorrow holds. Yesterday, Emmie Lou was in a cage with about six other rabbits.. now she is living the good life! Be thankful for what you have, who you have, and when you have it. 

By the way, did anyone notice was Emmie's 'suite' was resting on... yes, I finally finished my Pallet Table!! & I love it. Perfect timing. The surface serves as a table for Emmie's hutch. The surface of the bottom pallet acts as a shelf, perfectly storing all Emmie's supplies!! Pinterest is amazing! & so are all of my faithful bloggers! 

Small request, if anyone has owned rabbits or has them now, and would like to offer any helpful hints, they would be hugely excepted and enjoyed! Thanks in advance!!!

Have a blessed weekend. I hope everyone's Sunday is filled with love and new beginnings. XOXO♥