Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday PaPaw!

Happy 70th Birthday PaPaw Ted! 
Hope it was as great as you!! :)

Two best things in the world?? Hunting & Family Time. Yes.
Hunting is the bomb... spending time with your family is awesome!
Put them together... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

The Youth Day for turkey hunting came in today. Even though we saw nothing, at all, and heard no signs of turkeys, at all... sitting in the woods listening to the peacefulness of Mother Nature is calming. It is one of those things everyone needs to take time to do every once in awhile!

Picked Emmie up from her Daddy Tyler's house...
Yay because I get to see Tyler & yay because I get my babygirl! :)
Received this picture just before arriving at Tyler's, with a caption that said somehting along the lines of "She is staying here, you can't take her..."
That's my floor in the background, which means... she is home!!! 

In between the two, I had to go shopping for Miss Emmie Lou :)
$97 dollars later, & two different trips to the same Petsmart leaves me not broke but hurting from my major withdraw from my car fund! Dang, this little diva needed a lot! 
Let me throw out a question.... would you buy an one foot tall-30 dollar play pen or a two foot tall-50 dollar pen ...??
Well I got the $30 one... and Emmie scaled it...right over the top and out into the open. Glad I turned around when I did! I need something to contain her in while I clean her pen. I'm debating on rather to get a rabbit-sized 'hamster ball' (the ones that you place your critter in & they ran around? You know what I'm talking about... Well one of those or the two foot tall pen. I need both; pen is more practical but the ball would be so fun for the both of us! With my luck, she'd hate the ball and climb over the two foot one. Not even two pounds. Ha ha, she gives me a good giggle, which is exactly what I needed. 
Here she is in her cage, given to me by Tyler's wonderful mother Michelle!
Michelle is who actually got me Emmie, as my Easter present you could say.
Her & Tyler both knew I needed a little companion :)
I purchased her necessities: her play pen, litter pan, litter, Timothy Hay, a heavy bowl (for her water), special wipes (so she smells good), a brush, along with a leash & harness. Tyler is going to be so sweet and get me her feed at the local Feed Mill so I make sure to get what is best for my little sweetie pie :)
Next on my agenda was party time!
The 'Stiller' side of my family knows how to kick it fun style! Always yummy food & memorable laughs! Can't have a birthday in the South without grilling out, so that is what we did! Home-aide hamburgers are the bomb! Finished off the evening with a Strawberry Shortcake. What could get any better? Happy Birthday PaPaw Ted... 70 is the new 40! Hope many more birthdays follow. Thanks for always being a nurturing and encouraging grandfather! 

So now as I sit downstairs, blogging with my new furry friend, I am reminded that you aren't promised another day. And you are never sure what tomorrow holds. Yesterday, Emmie Lou was in a cage with about six other rabbits.. now she is living the good life! Be thankful for what you have, who you have, and when you have it. 

By the way, did anyone notice was Emmie's 'suite' was resting on... yes, I finally finished my Pallet Table!! & I love it. Perfect timing. The surface serves as a table for Emmie's hutch. The surface of the bottom pallet acts as a shelf, perfectly storing all Emmie's supplies!! Pinterest is amazing! & so are all of my faithful bloggers! 

Small request, if anyone has owned rabbits or has them now, and would like to offer any helpful hints, they would be hugely excepted and enjoyed! Thanks in advance!!!

Have a blessed weekend. I hope everyone's Sunday is filled with love and new beginnings. XOXO♥

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