Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting In Touch

Not with your distant relatives....but....with your crafty side!
Everyone has a little creativity in them, it is just up to Pinterest to help you find it!

I'm not a fan of purchasing items to help you do crafts. I prefer to use things I can find around the house! 

Here is my list of crafts I will  accomplish before summer comes!!!

1st Picture: Cut off jeans or use a pair of shorts you already have. Add lace wherever you wish: pockets (front or back), underneath holes, cut the seam on the side and insert underneath, etc.

2nd Picture: I will use yellow and orange pots that came from flowers I purchased then planted in the ground. Mine are plastic, so I'm sure hot glue will do the trick. Thinking of putting herbs in the pots...

3rd Picture: Put a photograph in mason jar, then add olive oil!

4th Picture: Remove the top of the light bulb, somehow... I was thinking of placing wildflowers in these little vases then hanging from a dogwood tree in the yard. Would make a pretty 'picture taking' background!

Enjoy 'gettin your craft on'!!!

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