Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am referring to a 'Pet Playpen' I purchased off of ebay Monday. It arrived yesterday evening, so I attempted and half way failed at assembling it this morning. In my defense, the difficulty in assembling it was not my fault. First problem was, no instructions + not the correct-fitting little metal poles to hook the panels together. So I had to result to zip ties I found in the garage. Problem number two: after hooking the playpen together in a square shape, using zip ties to assemble the pen, I realized that they cover that goes on the top is in a hexagon. So I attempt to re-shape the pen. Major fail. Tight zip ties to not budge, under any circumstances. Then I begin cutting, which I believe did more harm than good. But in the end, it is assembled and Emmie Lou is having a blast. But I am not thrilled. The over all quality of the pen is great. It is black metal and each panel (8) is two feet high and two feet wide. Bonus: Emmie cannot escape, so I think. Instructions I believe would've made a world of difference. Beggars can't be choosers however. The problem I am now trying to wrap my mind around is that the ebay description said 'easy set up and tear down'... somehow I doubt that. My other pen I purchased as one long bendable panel, that had two little hooks so it fastened together in a hexagon shape, so set up and transportation was a breeze. 
Picture shown on the ebay page... 

My set up, in square shape.

The easy access door

The cover that fastens over the top, 
so no monsters can get her if we are in the yard!

& finally, my little Emmie Lou 'chilling' in her new pen.

Such a calm little bunny! Love her to pieces. 

Anyone other than me could probably put this together with no problem. But instructions would have been nice. In the long run, all that matters is Emmie has a safe place to play! Have a great Thursday!


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