Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Night Blues

Today... was a good day. I thank the good Lord above for allowing good days to happen. It seems they always come about right when we need them most. 

Went grocery shopping with Michelle, Tyler's mom, this morning. Tyler, his older brother, and Dad were on their way home from Carolina Beach, so Michelle & I were shopping to prepare a yummy lunch upon request. I was really excited that I was getting to see Tyler when he got home. (:  We served big juicy burgers, and I must say they were close to the best I've ever had. And I made my aunt's Strawberry Shortcake.. yum! Needless to say, my laziness and Tyler's sunburn made for a good afternoon spent talking. I must throw in that he is so sweet, and I am so honored to be 'his girl.'

At 8:00pm, I was headed back to Wal-Mart. On the way there I decided to make a meal plan for this week. I have noticed that if I make a schedule of what I want to prepare for dinner, it is more likely to get done than if I just buy random stuff thinking I will fix it.So, here it is...

Monday: Southwest Three Cheese Chicken with Velveeta Shells&Cheese
Tuesday: Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Toast
Wednesday: Meatloaf with green beans (maybe)
Thursday: Salmon with Scalloped Potatoes 
Friday: Homemade Pizza

 I also decided, at my hair appointment Thursday that I was going to switch shampoos, and hair products when the ones I have run out. I had previously been using Herbal Essences 'Tousle Me Softly,' but my hair never seemed to feel clean. I have recently start using Aussie mousse and gel. It left my hair feelings gunky and super unclean. I made the switch tonight, buying TRESemme 'Naturals' shampoo and conditioner.. I love it! Only one use and there is a visible difference!! I plan on using there mousse when my other runs out! I chose TRESemme because my stylist told me that TRESemme, along with Nexxus, used to be 'salon' brands before they were bought out. So they are salon quality at 'Wal-Mart!' SCORE! 

I am currently experiencing 'Sunday Night Blues'... my spring break is over! I didn't accomplish near what I had planned.Looking at the positives however, I got to spend time with people whom I love to death & I got Emmie Lou. Peace, Love, & Happiness Bunnies!♥

PS: I finished "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks!!! It is one of my favorites for sure. But then again, I have yet to read a Nicholas Sparks novel that didn't tug at my heart strings! If you see this at the bookstore, or come across it at any other point.. don't turn down the chance to open the pages and start reading! Truly a great, great book! 

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