Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Bit of Life

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! This, my friends, is a recap of the day in the life of Rachel!

First, I have to share my two life lessons I learned today:
1: My purpose in life is picking rabbit poop out of a feed bowl. Yes, my rabbit poops in her feed bowl. She is so lazy, she sits in it while she eats... resulting in poop landing in her poor feed. 
2: If you are an non-drinker, or underage, & you know you will be spending the evening among intoxicated adults... bring a book to read. Just do it. 

Wake up.
Dress myself in proper turkey hunting attire.
Gather necessities.
Ride in the truck. 
Walk to ground-blind.
Sit & freeze. 
Read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥
Shoot twice at a turkey, failing to kill it both times. 
Watch Dad fail to shoot and kill a turkey once.
Start crying because I thought I disappointed my dad.
Be grumpy while returning home.
Go see my wittle wabbit!
Read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥
Eat 'brunch'
Go pick strawberries and get mulch.
Return home.
Water flowers outside.
Lay on deck & read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥
Entertain guest who came to meet Emmie Lou.
Go with Ashton to look at rabbits.
Go back to Ashton's, without a rabbit.
Call a billion people asking if they have rabbits.
Go home.
Prepare myself for an evening on the lake. 
Go on the lake. 
Go get 75 chicken wings. 
Read "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks♥ on the boat. Double score.
Chat while reading. 
Freeze to death, while reading, as I am tuning out drunken amusement. 
Finally get home. 
Draw a hot bath.
Quick Shower. 
In Process: blogging...

Anyone want to trade places for a day?? I am no Kardashian or Hilton... but I do live an active life. It isn't always beautiful or charming like myself, ( ;] ) but, boredom is not in my vocabulary. 
Ashton finally got her rabbit, well bunny, which she named 'Shim.' Tyler caught come unique fish at the beach. I miss him terribly but am glad he is having a good time. Luckily I get to see him tomorrow when he gets home! I also got to witness a gorgeous High Rock Lake sunset during my cruise. Blessed? Yes♥
Also, I highly recommend any & every Nicholas Sparks book!! James Patterson's Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas is a tear-jerker that is on my 'all-time-favorite' list. Last night I ordered Sam's Letters to Jennifer and Sunday's at Tiffany's by James Patterson and the movie of Suzanne's Diaries for Nicholas! I'll admit I am a nerd who loves to read and I cannot wait until my purchases arrive, will surely make my whole month!! What can I say? I am just a hopeless romantic dreaming of a fairy tale future. 
PS: For those supporters of my relationship, yesterday, Friday 13th, happened to be Tyler and I's 11 month anniversary !!! YAY♥ I cannot wait for our one year celebration...lets just say I have a lot up my sleeve :)
Beautiful Sunset!!

My Handsome Man & His Not-So-Handsome Fish!!

& Last, But Not Least... SHIM!
Ashton better find out the sex of this rabbit..
or else Shim and Emmie Lou will not have play dates.
If it tried to 'hump' my poor baby I'd have to hurt it. 

Happy, well, EVERYTHING 

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