Monday, October 15, 2012

My Office

For quite some time now, I have been working little by little to complete my office. You know, make it feel homie and stuff. I think I have finally completed this task, until Pinterest lights my creativity burner once more. But for now, take a look at my office!

Desk & Chair: Walmart
Side Table: Unknown

Framed print via Pinterest
Yarn Garland DIY via The Small Things Blog
Paint Swatch Calendar- DIY

Free prints via Pinterest

Love my gold spray-painted basket. This is where my mostly needed items stay for my convenience!

Chalk-board and cork-board are both DIYS! 

My printer station...
Pink bins: Walmart

Probably my favorite DIY in my office... Lilly Pulitzer circle-monogram DIY! Tutorial for this will be coming soon! Prepare yourself... its a toughy!


  1. I almost bought that same desk!

    I love all your Pinterest prints! I've been meaning to print a bunch out and hang them!

  2. Hooray for a clean, pretty and organized office. isn't that such a good feeling. Looks sweet :)

  3. Are those personalized coasters? So cute! SO happy to see your bringing pinterest projects to life.

  4. Loving the prints from Pinterest and the cool wall colors!

    1. Thank you! The walls are a done by a tactic we call "sponge painting"- self explanatory!


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