Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To: Girly-Bows

Bows are such a cute accessory. I am learning that they are not only for little girls, but for older ones as well... which totally floats my boat!

Here is my best found method of how to create the best bows on your own!

What you'll need:

Ribbon (longer, the bigger the bow), a smaller strip of ribbon with a simple knot in the center, scissors, a lighter, and yarn & a hot glue gun (not pictured)

First, "heat seal" your ends with the lighter. This will prevent the ends of your ribbon from fraying. To heat-seal them, hold the lit lighter about an inch from the end of your ribbon. You will soon realize that the heat is melting the ends...which "heat-seals" them!

 Next, lie your ribbon out flat, then fold it in half. At the fold, apply pressure to create a crease.

Now, lie your ribbon out flat once more. Then bring each end of the ribbon to the crease, making a figure eight.

Now is a good opportunity to use a little hot glue to secure the figure-eight formation. Hot glue is not necessary; however, it does make things easier in the end.

Now you bring the loops to the center...

You will see the bow starting to take shape.

Next is the trickiest part. With a strip of yarn, about four inches long, begin wrapping it around the center of the bow (where your fingers have been securing the shape) The yarn will take the place of your fingers.

Adjust the yarn, hot glue it a little on the back-side of the bow, and snip away extras.

You can most defiantly leave it like this. Or, you can give it a more polished look using the knotted strip of ribbon mentioned in the beginning.

Add a tiny dot of hot-glue on top of the yarn, and immediately press the knot on top of the glue.

Now you will wrap the tail-ends of the ribbon around to the backside. When you figure out how much you'll need to cover the back, cut the ends of the ribbon and "heat-seal" them as well. 
This is also the point where you would add a clip or hair bow. You would glue one end down, add glue to the clip/hair bow, glue that on top of the glued-down end, then glue the other end down, crossing the clip/hair bow while doing so.

This is the type of DIY that takes time and practice. In the beginning, it is easier to start on wider ribbon. You will find that the use of hot-glue is very minimal. Also, ribbon that has a texture works well too... the ribbon in this tutorial was silk, so it has a tendency to slip. Practice does make perfect in this case!

These sorts of bows also happen to be what I am "Loving Lately!"
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  2. These bows are adorable!!! I've never been great at making a bow but your technique looks pretty easy, I want to try now!

  3. I love bows! I wish I could wear them without looking even younger than I already do!

  4. always love a good bow!

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  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes bows. I wore a black & gray one with my outfit today. I hope you have a great week. I found ya on the loving blog hop, stop by to say hi if you get a chance.


  6. i've always been horrible at making bows, so this will definitely come in handy! thanks! new follower :)


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