Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Petal Boxes

Why buy when you can DIY? That is my motto for everything which is why I created a template plus a tutorial for making your own petal-gift boxes! I will include the photo of the template you will need, as well as the print I used so yours can be identical to mine!

To begin making your own petal box, print this template. Do not crop it... save it and print full paged.

I used a Lilly Pulitzer print for my box... here is the exact page I printed. Save it, and print full paged.

What You Need:

Once you have printed the box template, and the print you want... cut out the box template.

Next, trace the template onto the backside of your print.

Now, add the dark lines (which you will cut) and the dotted lines(where you will fold).

Cut along the edge of the template, as well as the four dark lines illustrated.

Next you will fold on the dotted lines.

After you have folded and cut, for a more polished look, erase the dotted-lines and any other stray marks that are left over from cutting.

Now using your glue stick, glue the little flaps to the inside of the box walls.

Repeat that process three more times until your box is constructed.

Now fill your box with goodies, fold flaps closed, and garnish with a bow!

Everyone needs a little Lilly love!


  1. Wow! This looks super cute and easy. Plus I love the colours. I've just pinned in onto DIY projects. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea! And just in time for the holidays!


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