Monday, October 8, 2012


C.M.O. = Compulsive-Monogramming-Obsession. It is a legit issue southern belles all over the South are struggling to overcome. Or embrace. I diagnosed myself with C.M.O this weekend when a mad sense of craftiness took me over. Below you will gawk over all my beautiful creations. While I was crafting, I got a sense of generosity as well, and made gift boxes full of monogrammed labels and monogrammed circles for my three lady friends!

Coasters. A necessity.

Four-sided monogram jar filled with blank love notes♥

Ah... the lovely monogram added to my fake Ran Bans... a must.

Double monogram. Score. Need to fill jar with pretty flowers...

Added some southern sass to my Dollar Tree smell-good!

Framed a little-bitty monogram. Presh.

Binder side thingies.. perfection. 

Yes, I monogrammed thumbtacks. 

So much amazing-ness happening here. I purchased this yesterday at my local county's "Autumn Jubilee"... shop her store here

Monograms. Monograms. Monograms. I love you!

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