Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: Pretty Pins

Thump tacks are boring and dull. Point blank. You're pinning up a priceless photo or inspirational quote with a lifeless thump tack. So Saturday night I busted out my glue gun, buttons and pearls... and set to work. 

Pinned them into a paint swatch left over from a calendar I made (see that at the end of post) so you could see the colors.

What You'll Need:

Thumb Tacks came from the Dollar Store... $1 for a pack of 300. Some buttons gave been randomly found and others bought from Hobby Lobby.

My Procedure:
Add tiny drop of glue to "base" button, then quickly put "top" button on top and press together.

Next, flip over button so the "bottom" is facing upward...
Add glue to this side then immediately press thumb tack on.

Then, after I'd make them, I'd stick them through a paint swatch so they could completely dry (this would be essential if you were using white glue instead of hot glue)

Then make TONS more! 

I misplaced my cork board so unfortunately you can't see the little babies in action. 

Here is my awesome paint swatch calendar I made. It costed a whole one dollar...
Frame: Dollar Store (8x11- I Think)
Paint Swatches: Lowes ~ FREE!

My only complaints is that I couldn't find a shorter, but longer frame. My intention was to have a swatch for each day, but I had to make Saturday and Sunday together. I still LOVE it!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I love these!!!! I've been looking for a great DIY! And I have been meaning to do that calendar... you've inspired me to get it done! Lol


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