Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cans vs. Cant's

Ever imagined what life would be like as a conjoined twin? Being a twin, you think I would've. However, the thought never crossed my mind until the premiere of "Abby & Brittany" on TLC.

Abby and Brittany are identical twins joined from the neck-ish down. They do have two hearts and two sets of lungs, but one reproductive system. One operates the left side, the other the right. When the previews first aired, all I could think about was all the things they can't do. But after actually watching the show for the first time last night, I noticed their outlook on life is the complete opposite. These ladies are so optimistic and determined to live the most regular life possible. 

I'll be honest, I can not even stand by twin sitting behind me in English class. The thought of being with her every second for the past fifteen years is hard to grasp. But Abby and Brittany have a bond no one else in the entire world could understand. They recently graduated college, majoring in education. Both getting diplomas and licenses to teach. These young women are so inspiring. They make me want to better my relationship with my sister. All I can think to myself is "If they can be with each other every waking moment, why can't I tolerate my twin for a mere five minutes?" Crazy, isn't it. 

The point of this little rambling wasn't necessarily to persuade you to better your relationship with your siblings, but to bring awareness to the fact that most of us human beings focus on the negatives- "I can't do this, I can't do that..." Well if those two remarkable girls can accomplish all they have, despite their physical abnormalities, us perfectly "normal" (if there is such a thing) humans should be able to turn our cant's into cans, and dreams into plans. My personal goal for awhile is going to be to try to obtain a positive outlook and a new found optimistic viewing on the activities taking place in my atmosphere, instead of being the first to jump aboard the "negative Nelly" bandwagon. Whose with me? Living life to my full capabilities, and never saying never...

Pretty deep for a Wednesday!

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  1. I was watching this last night and found myself thinking of all of the can'ts.... It is so amazing to me that they are doing education!! I think children can learn so much from them and their experience. :) I'm accepting the "positive outlook" challenge and I look forward to reading all of the awesome things thinking positively brings you!


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