Thursday, August 2, 2012

Current Crush: Statement Necklaces

You've all seen the buzz about statement necklaces- rather from Pinterest, The Small Things Blog, or the display tables at Francesca's.. & who doesn't love the J.Crew knock off necklace everyone is getting off of eBay for twenty bucks? I know I sure do. This years back to school clothing list has statement necklaces written in bold! That's what makes this weeks current crush statement necklaces! 

All these photos are coming from Pinterest. I typed in "statement necklaces" in the search bar and saved my favorites. Sorry if you love one of my selections and cannot find the location to buy it!

lovin' how she layered the J.Crew knockoffs, or possibly the real thing(s), for a different look!!

Which is your "must have"??
And for all you who find summer vacation coming to an end to go back to school, what is in bold on your back-to-school shopping list??

If you wrote up your current crush post for this Thursday, be sure to link up back at Danielle's blog - Framed Frosting


  1. Love the blue-green statement necklace. The little boutique Franesca's has some great ones like it in different colors!! :)


  2. I LOVE the necklaces - so pretty! I am loving color!

  3. Thanks for linking up!! I too LOVE Kate, Lauren, and Pink Peonies -- all are great girls with awesome fashion!

    Btw, those J. Crew inspired necklaces can be found at Cheerfully Charmed for Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!! That's where I got my coral one from!

  4. Love these statement necklaces. I love a great statement necklace. Thanks for linking up.

  5. Just getting the time to go through and see everyone's current crushes. OH MY WORD! There are too many cute necklaces here to handle! Seriously, I will have one of each!! Great finds. Following you via GFC. So glad I found your blog, I am excited to keep up and see what all you got goin' on. :) I blog over at Talk to ya soon!


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