Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Ways: Little Black Dress

This little black dress has always been a favorite between my mom, sister, and my closets! I love to wear it every time I am over at her house. So I asked if I could use it in my little sporadic "5 Ways" series. If you didn't see the last one I did, I took a classic v-neck shirt from Old Navy and styled it five different ways, which is what I'm doing with this little black dress!

This dress, if I'm not mistaken, came from Marshall's awhile ago! I think a little black dress is a must have in any woman's closet. They are so classic and versatile! I hope you enjoy what I have done!

{outfit #1}

scarf: Target *old
wedges: Marshall's (Guess)

I love the vibe of this first outfit! I wish I had a different scarf to show with this look but I didn't so I just threw one on to interpret my "idea" for this look! I would wear this out to a nice restaurant or nicer event. I don't consider this causal wear with the wedges. A sandal would tone down the fancy scale for me. 

{outfit #2}

cardigan: old navy
belt: Marshall's
sandals: Marshall's (Union Bay)

This is probably my favorite outfit out of the ones I put together. I love the leopard print belt and the gold sparkly shoes! I think it adds a little something extra to an otherwise boring look! I wore wear this outfit almost anywhere. If I was going to church or school I would switch this black dress for a longer-cotton material one! I think layering is a great new trend and find myself looking for items to layer constantly!

{outfit #3}

white button up: Old Navy
wedges: Toms
necklace: my moms 

This was probably my least favorite of the outfits. I love the layered look as well as tying the bottoms of shirts. I think this outfit is adorable but not necessarily on me! I saw my mom in a similar not to long ago and she looked fabulous! But I would love to wear an outfit of this style to church (longer dress of course), out to eat, to a party! I also loved the tied look with maxi dresses/shirts. I think it gives visual interest and a cut off point to an otherwise long piece of fabric!

{outfit #4}

boots: Tractor Supply *old

To me, this outfit screams country music concert! I think the boots give it that sweet country girl look, but the heel and fabric of the dress transforms it into a country rock star! I absolutely love these boots! They are surprisingly comfortable and great to walk in! I was wanting a short-length statement necklace in a bold color to match with this look but couldn't quite find the right one for my vision! I think the J. Crew bubble necklace that everyone is wearing would look great with this!

{outfit #5}

sandals: Wet Seal
bag: Betsyville 

You could catch me in this outfit just about anywhere. I love the over sized purse with this: perfect for shopping (throw all your purchases in it), also I carry this to babysitting gigs- filled with arts and crafts, snacks, and my Kindle! These sandals are older but unbelievably comfortable! 

So you've seen all my looks, what do you think? I said in most of the descriptions that I would wear this look anywhere, and I would! I never put together an outfit to show you all unless I would wear it! I am not an extremely fancy person so most of my clothes are versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down! I never by a piece of clothing that I could only wear to one type of occasion. I guess that comes with being on a budget, or not liking to spend money! 

I really would love to hear what you all think of my outfits. I do apologize for the sucky quality of the photos. One camera died mid shoot, so then I switched to another which made some of them appear yellow! Boo! But I tried, and you get my gist!


  1. Loving the Leopard Betsy bag! So cute.

    Come visit!

  2. You have the cutest toes! seriously, very pretty!


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