Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIWW: Day to Day

Today I am linking up with Lindsey { The Pleated Poppy }! She hosts an awesome link up every Wednesday! I usually don't like to do link ups all the time because I like to keep it real with my readers and not get caught up in all the link ups! However, this link up is great because not only does it motivate me to get ready at least once a week.. but it gives y'all peaks at my wardrobe each week! Double fun! Enjoy!

These outfits are nothing special. The first is one I went to dinner with family friends in. It is the same dress from last weeks WIWW post. Last week I accessorized this dress with ruffled sandals, an up-do, and simple silver jewelry. This week I wore it with a cardigan, belted it, wore a teal statement necklace, teal-beaded sandals, and a curled-half up do! 
I have been super busy this past week so I haven't had time to capture any good photos!
dress: old navy
cardigan: old navy
statement necklace: old navy
sandals: rack room shoes
watch & bracelet: boutiques at the beach
This dress came with a string belt... so I wanted to have a waistline in the cardigan so I tied the string around the cardigan as well! 

This next outfit is what I wore to a doctors appointment Saturday. I had to have an MRI and it was an awful experience. Bright side: no tumors in my pretty little head... bad side: back to square one in terms of diagnosing the cause of my everyday-headaches!

I love the stripes and the ruffles this 3/4 length shirt visually offers! The cotton fabric is super comfy. I'd love to have this shirt in several colors!
shirt: old navy
jeans: Buckle
locket: gift from Youth pastor 

This next outfit is one I wore many, many years ago. My mother had a thing for dressing my twin sister and I in the same clothes, just different colors. And I am assuming by this photo we had some crazy hair days...
I call this look "Too Hot Too Handle!" 
PS: I'm in the blue....


  1. I love the grey dress you wore!

  2. Cute outfits. I think I need to hit up old navy :)



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