Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Social #5

Good morning to ya! Today's post is coming to you from Birmingham, Alabama! I am sad to be returning home from this beautiful southern town, but I am ready to see my family, along with my fur-babies! 

Today's "theme" is all things purse related!!

Favorite handbag you've ever owned...

The Coach cross body messenger bag Tyler got for me for my birthday! It looks cute with everything! And it isn't bulky/ a pain to keep on your shoulder!

Dream handbag you lust over...

I have forever wanted to own a Louis Vuitton! Maybe one day...

Daily essentials in your purse or work bag...

Now a days, I never leave home without my wallet! Used to, I never took it anywhere. But it now contains my permit- so now it, along with my iPhone gets totted everywhere!

What's in your purse(with pictures)??

Where my Kindle/ book goes!

Hope y'all enjoyed my replies to this weeks Sunday Social questions! If you've never joined this link up, it's a lot of fun! If you have not link up your Sunday Social post yet, head over to Neely's blog ( and do so!


  1. i love a crossbody,especially for traveling/vacations.

    happy sunday!

  2. Happy travels with that permit!! be safe!!
    Love my crossbody coach as well. Great for everyday:)

  3. Love your Coach crossbody! So cute! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Love the post! I did the linking with my purse this weekend too! It was too fun!

  5. LOVEEE that bag! i always love seeing what people carry in their purses... i know it sounds creepy but i do!

  6. I love your bag!!! Love your blog design too btw (polka dots are my fave)! Happy Monday!


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