Monday, June 4, 2012

Positive Motivation

     One thing I feel strongly about is receiving positive motivation, especially from teachers. In my world, more often that not, I only receive negative feedback. Things today are always focused around the bad, not as much the good. However, today after I finished my 2nd block exam, the teacher pulled me outside into the hall way. Initially a groan arose because I figured I was about to get chewed out, honestly. I was shocked when the teacher started complimenting my writing and told me he tried to contact my parents because he felt the need to tell them about the potential I had to become a great writer. I was truly flattered considering I always put my best foot forward when an assignment is pertaining to writing. Usually this teacher is the king at pointing out errors, instead of finding the good. So today when he tells me all this, I really felt...good. It is always a plus to hear that your work is beyond satisfactory. Even if the glass seems half empty.. it really is half full, too. 
     School work isn't the only thing that should earn praise. If no one ever told me I was a good cook, I would think otherwise, so I probably wouldn't cook several times a week. When I think I am doing something badly, I try to avoid it as much as possible. But, the point of this post wasn't to flaunt my recent compliments, it was to propose a challenge of sorts....

See how many people respond positively to you after you compliment them. Go to blogs you read, and leave a small, but generous compliment. Positive motivation is good for the soul, and for the heart. A reminder that you are appreciated can really give you the urge to continue what you're doing. And to continue to strive for your big goal. So, quit sittin' around... go hand out compliments like they are candy at Halloween. You might just be surprised at your feedback...♥


  1. I think you're an awesome writer Rachel! :) You would definitely benefit by going into journalism or something along the same lines!

    1. Thanks lovely! I am very proud of you and your leap into blogging. Keep up the good work :)


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