Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY: Flip Flop Hangers

Hey y'all! So thrilled you stopped by the see what today's refreshed = reusable DIY! Today I decided to show you the flip flop hangers Ashton & I made Saturday afternoon. I am not going to say it was an easy craft, because it wasn't. The process consisted of a lot of trial and error. But after we found what worked on a particular step, it was a breeze! 

*This project works better if you have another person assisting you*

-wire coat hangers (started out with 25, ended up the 21)
-wire cutters, needle nose pliers, hammer, spray paint
-whatever you want to accessorize with!

Step 1: Cut the hangers
Wire cutters are virtually the only thing we could get to cut the hangers- but if you have a better idea of how to cut them, have at it.

Step 2: Gather all your materials
If you have needle-nose pliers handy, those would work much better than the silver tool we used. The glove is only needed if your pliers handles aren't rubber coated...

Step 3: Have one person hold the top of the hanger, while you put a hand on each side, bending the sides upward

Step 4: Curl in the tops of your hangers, making a cute swirl
Get the gist of what your goal is?

Step 5: Grab your spray paint and have at it
*Have a good rack to hang your hangers on so they can dry. We had to first hold the top of the hanger, spraying the sides...wait to dry... then put on rubber gloves, hold right under the 'twist' then spray the hook.

After we painted the hooks, we moved them to shelves in the garage...

Step 6: Make your hangers pretty!
 I am using small ribbon, but you can use whatever you please...

I got to thinking and realized that for this post, "flip flop" hanger is a universal term. These hangers can be used for anything from shoes to belts...

The key to being successful when doing this DIY project is patience and creativity. It takes a few tries to get the hang, so I recommend purchasing a few more hangers than you intend on using. Like I said, we started out with 25 and ended up with 21. Don't get irritated, just keep trying until you find what works. Best of luck to all my crafters who make these awesome & versatile garment hangers! Come back next week to see what I recycled to reuse! 


  1. This has to be the best tutorial I have found for these hangers. Believe it or not, I searched Etsy trying to find similar hangers to buy but they did not have them! I would have paid the money for them too. I am planning on using this design for lace petti rompers that I sell. Thanks for the post!

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