Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: Potholder Holders/ Cases

I really am not overly pleased with the outcome of this DIY- it could be for the lack of a hot glue gun, and my poor sewing skills, but for a more skilled sewer, this DIY will run a lot smoother, and look a lot nicer. 

My first speed bump was I could not find the pot holders I was looking for. I had bright colors with polka dots in mind, but Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, CVS, Marshals, and K-Mart (where I purchased the ones I used) had boring colors in mind. So I ended up setting for a  greenish color. 

It started out as a straighter holder/case...then became a sunglasses holder/case...finally resulting in an "electronic holder," as I have decided me call it. the sunglasses I tried to place in this handy holder were either too large, or I wasn't placing them in correctly. Anyways, I have decided these little clutch-like holders will be used to keep your electronics safe while in your purse! It isn't bulky, like some protective electronic cases. And if you are a good sewer, yours will look fabulous.

All you really have to do is fold horizontally, pin sides together to hold shape, sew on an accessories(buttons, ribbon, lace), then sew up the sides. 

To make the fastener: cut a hair bow/hair tie in two, sew each end together very close together at the top...then sew a button on, where the tie can hook around it, holding the sides together, keeping your electronic from tumbling out! 
I sewed a ribbon on over the ends of the hair bow, camouflaging the 'fastener' but all the extras are optional, and changeable. 

I know the quality of these aren't the greatest, but please understand this was my first time making anything like this. It always takes a few tries to perfect something. If you are interested in making on of these holders for your purse, and want a more step by step instruction guide on how I assembled mine, feel free to contact me at my email address posted on the right hand side of my page! Thanks & good luck!

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