Monday, May 21, 2012

Use What Ya Got

I'm thinking of starting a Monday evening ritual: take something around my house and "revive it" to use it for a higher purpose. &/OR take something I've had, and give it a new look!! My brainstorming in Algebra ll led me to the idea of taking a locker shelf, that I no longer use, and making it a "second story" for Emmie's cage! So exciting, because she loves it! And exciting considering it is keeping my money in my pocket! 

I just love my little Emmie Lou! Such a sweet baby!!

Also today, I painted my shower curtain hooks. Not sure if I have shared this, but I am redoing my bathroom to make it more mature (you will understand when I share the before/after photos.) We were around the age of eight when Regan & I selected the boarder for our bathroom. So lets just say we weren't thinking long term. However, this week the boarder will be removed, and this upcoming Sunday the walls will be painted "Grand Hotel Geranium Pink!!!" YAY! So I painted the heads of the shower curtain hooks a similar shade of pink. (The pink featured on my pallet table) 

The hooks before getting painted...
& hanging up to dry!

I will either do a post of my new & improved bathroom Sunday evening or Monday! I am aiming towards Sunday because Monday Ashton & I are redoing her bedroom! She as well is going from a "child-like" theme, to a mature and classic feel and look! I am super excited about both of our renovations!! I will also do a post of all the updates in Ashton's room! Be sure to visit next Sunday/ Monday & let me know what you think of our amateur interior decorating skills!

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