Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five 4 Friday!!

Hello sugar! Glad you stopped by to receive a little "dash of southern" on this fabulous Friday morning!! Perfect way to start off the day, ehh? Well, if I do say so myself, hallelujah, praise the Lord it's Friday! This week has drug on, and on, and on. After the sunset on Monday evening, I was thinking "how am I ever going to survive this week??" I'm glad to say that after a rocky start, it did improve, and I am still alive! So, here are the five best things from this week...

1. Getting to spend three nights at my grandparents house. Even though they live less than ten minutes from me, I find myself not getting to spend as much time as I'd like with them. I was so pleased that I could stay here with them this week and catch up, enjoy good meals, and share laughter. 

2. Discovering the app "I'd Cap That," which is the funniest thing ever! It is crude humor however, but the laughing associated with the captions it gives you is unavoidable! It is free, so go download it. Right now. 

3. Starting my own personal weekly routine, "Refreshed = Reuseable," which will take place every Monday. The jist of this new feature will be taking something I have had laying around, and using it in a new way. Or, taking something I can't use, and painting/fixing/etc. to make is useful again. It is my way of going green. It will save me money because I won't have to spend money buying new things for a 'project.' And it will keep me from throwing perfectly good items away. Hey, it works. Most of these refreshed items will be craft related!

4. Three afternoon's of this week have been spent swimming! I am so happy to be back in the water! This has been the first times I have actually swam this year. To me, jumping in, going into shock from the cold water, then running inside, does not count as swimming! Needless to say, I am beyond joyous about the warm lake water. 

5. Getting my first high school year book. This may seem mediocre, but hey, I will look back on this in the future! I am glad I will have a forever reminder of the "best years of your life"... your high school years. Nine more school days and my freshman year will be completed! Hard to believe I'll be a sophmore! Class of '15, baaabyyy!♥

Hope you enjoyed this weeks High Five 4 Friday post! I apologize for the lack of pictures to go along with my highlights. Have a splendid last May weekend! Woohoo for Memorial Weekend! Make sure to visit Sunday & Monday for posts pertaining to my new bathroom, and my pal Ashton's new bedroom!!

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