Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Good "Good Friday"

Friday was a rush, a good rush though! I wish I could have blogged yesterday about my good news.. but I'll just have to do a yesterday post & a today post next!

My statement ' A Good "Good Friday" could not be more accurate! I got to spend yesterday at my boy friend's house. He had mentioned getting me a bunny. Reluctantly I got my hopes up but then realized "yeah, right, like that is going to happen!!!"

Well...after '"craigslist'ing" in the Apple Bee's parting lot after dinner... my dream was coming true, slowly but surely.

For those of you do don't use CraigsList.. it is a simply beautiful thing! 
As long as your not looking to buy people offa' there... then my statement about it being a beautiful thing is totally revoked! 

But...say hello to the CraigsList bunny... :)

Emmie Lou.... Emmie Lou Brown!! 
She is precious & I adore her!
I know y'all are probably wondering, but YES! Dad agreed to let her live here with me :)
Double YAY!

Our first picture together!
Happier than a goat in a briar patch!!

She stayed at Tyler's house last night (Friday) but tonight, she is with me!! Being very good sitting in my lap as I blog! She will be a house bunny, hehe, whom is liter box trained & Lease trained, eventually. 

Can I get an "AMEN" to that statement!?! ^

P.S.: Would choose her over a dog any day. No barking or taking out at 3:00am!

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