Thursday, April 5, 2012

Missing In Action

Sorry for me being 'MIA' this past week! Due to minor technical difficulties the past few days I was without internet access. If I am still referring to the new blogging technique I mentioned a few posts ago... my flowers are wilted, & I have one pitiful garden! My deepest apologizes though..♥

This week has been chaotic, none the less. Each day has brought new things, not saying all things were good and not saying all things were bad. 

Monday was good because I knew I only had one more day until my 12 day spring break began. Tuesday was alright, walking out of ERHS with an 'all A' report card in head, knowing i wouldn't be returning for almost two weeks was bittersweet... just kidding, it was great. Wednesday... hump day... bad day! No details, just take my word for it.. bad bad day. Today brought a fresh start. My internet got turned back on, thankfully. My plans to go to this evenings church service got changed because I decided to go stay with my mom & sister. 
Tomorrow should be the best day of the week! I'm spending the day with my love & he is getting me a baby bunny! YAY! I'm going to name her Emmie Lou & have already decided she is going to be precious! The biggest obstacle is finding ones locally for sale. No fear though, I will find one!! 

Hope everyone's week is going well! XOXO

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