Saturday, February 18, 2012

From the country, & I like it that way...

Hello blog readers, or should I say 'Howdy my felllow mud slingin' country folk!' I regret to inform you that if you have associated with my four wheeler and myself on various ventures high and low, our secrecy has been shot to hell. It's all over...we've been caught! Well it isn't all over! THE SOUTH HAS RISEN AGAIN! It is my pleasure to announce, with great pride, that we have earned ourselves a spot on the agenda at the annual Emerald Bay Homeowners Association's meeting. In a email sent to all home-owner's in this here neighborhood, it was said that one thing discuss was the need to install a four wheeler path around the front gate to replace the bushes, that have been destroyed by us driving four wheeler's over it. Ops...? It ain't our fault the gate is weight sensitive! I like to think of it as a protest. Against what? Well that I ain't sure off but there are plenty of things I could complain about regarding this here neighborhood that I reside in! Considering we play home owners whatever every year, the money used to buy & plant those bushes came out of my parents pocket. Therefore, they are my bushes too. And if I wish to run them over to get where I need to go.. I will do it! To throw my personal punch in.. the bush was dead anyways. Like my running it over made that much of a difference. Another point I must make..the bush goes underneath the four wheeler. Never have I ever hit the bush full on with one of my tires. Sheesh! So y'all waste your high class Ben Franklin's on my personal four wheeler path. Or purchase me a $15 dollar gate opener button. Your call. :)

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