Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Five Most Annoying Questions

This is one of my most pointless posts yet but I feel the need to state the next five questions that annoy the crap out of me. If you are in fact a reader, and have asked any of these five questions...please refrain from doing so again. & if you have not asked me one of these questions. Thank you.. keep up the good work :)
Following are five questions that I hate being asked...

1.) Why did you delete your Facebook? 
Here's a better question: why do you have one when you've never met 2/3 of your 'friends'??
2.) So you and Tyler really have not done anything?!? Y'all have been dating forever....!
Sorry if my non-existing sex life bothers you. But, even when I gain one in the future, chances are I won't publicly discuss/brag about it.
3.) Why don't you live with your sister?
None of your business. Why does it concern you?
4.) Are you the good or bad twin?
Neither. My name is Rachel.. not Good or Bad.
5.) Can I copy your homework?
This one is different from the others. But it bothers me when people ask me this. Heads up... the answer is NO. I had to take time out of my day to do it.. you should do the same. 

Sorry guys if you were expecting some moving piece of writing but one reason for my starting of this blog was to express my feelings in a blunt yet healthy way. So there it is...

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