Monday, February 20, 2012

Learn Anything At School Today?

     'Learn anything at school today, Honey??'
      Oh boy, has this statement taken a turn for the worse. No longer when I am asked this does my mind wander back to what was taught in my classes. In my classes, things my teachers preach tends to go in one ear... and right back out the other. Gossip.. now gossip sticks. I could tell you exactly who was doing what three months ago. Ask me what I did three months ago in World History, you'll receive a blank stare! Take a moment, right now, to ask yourself "What did I learn today?" What you learned doesn't have to be school related. You could have learned who's fighting, who's doing what, whose when where with who...anything really. When I personally did this little 'activity' about five minutes ago, I was kind of shocked at all the thinks I didn't know before today, that I now know. I learned that secrets definitely don't make friends, but they break them. I learned that while your going through hell, you can't stop.. you just got to keep truckin'. And I realized that you can't move on to the next chapter, if you keep re-reading the last one. Starting right now, well tomorrow morning. I am done with chapter eleven. I should have thrown chapter eleven to the wind when the new year started. But I did not. I kept re-reading it because nothing seemed to make sense. I figured if I read a little deeper into it, things would clear up. HA! It seemed as if things got foggier and fuzzier. I guess in life things don't always have to make sense. Maybe being a little unsure of the events was in God's plan for me; maybe the comprehension of last years unfortunate events will clear up as I keep reading. Chapter Twelve, here I come. Whatever it throws my way.. I'm ready. Heads up, shoulders back, eyes open. 
     You get sick -and-tired of being sick-and-tired. There comes a time when you've got to 'Cowgirl Up'. Put the past in the past and leave it there. I has taken me sometime to come to terms with the fact that things that have happened, have happened for reasons that I couldn't control. Knowing that I couldn't control what happens, also means that I can't change it. Chapter Eleven has been written. In ink. No erasing, no crumpling the paper and starting over. It has happened. Trying to change the past is like trying to explain how water tastes. Utterly impossible! So, I'm done. Done toying with pointless people. Done stressing over situations that don't involve me. And I am done wearing myself out emotionally. I'm moving on: putting chapter eleven in the past, and moving on the chapter twelve. 

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