Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coffee Pot Planter

My grandmother is known for her overly huge collection of junk. She will keep things knowing there's no way in heck she will ever use it again. The coffee pot, from the 80's I assume, is no exception. Mamaw had intentions of keeping it, knowing the maker that it went with was not even in existence. So with my crafting abilities, and her love of coffee and plants, I threw together a little ensemble to satisfy both her loves!

what you need:

Spray paint, tape of some sort, and an old coffee pot
*a pencil with an eraser + second color of spray paint if you want polka dots*

Begin by wrapping the brown part of the coffee pot with the tape (Scotch tape)

Shake up your spray paint and add a thing layer of paint, wait for it to dry, then repeat process until pot is evenly covered in paint.
Do not try to apply all the layers needed at once. The paint will drip and leave you in a huge mess. 

Once this is dry, you can apply a clear coat of spray paint for protection and extra shine if you wish. 
Or, you can add polka dots. I grabbed a Styrofoam plate, sprayed some spray paint, dipped my pencil eraser into the paint, and polka-dotted my pot!

Once your dots are done, make sure they are totally dry! After you are sure they are, add a clear coat of spray paint for extra protection and shine!

Then, remove your tape!

My grandmother LOVED the finished product. She then had me to do the same makeover to a small coffee mug to complete her new decoration.

She is going to use the coffee pot to display fresh flowers, and the mug to plant a small flower!

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  1. Love it! What a cool idea. I would love to try this on a couple of vases I have.


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