Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIWW: One Shirt- Five Ways

Hey, y'all! Last week I linked up at The Pleated Poppy, in the blogger Lindsey's weekly "What I Wore Wednesday" post! She created the link up as a motivation to get ready instead of staying in her pajamas since she is a stay at home Mom! I love the idea of this link up so I decided to link up again! 
I did my post a little different. It kind of has the feel of a 30x30 idea, where you pick 30 items and make 30 outfits out of the 30 pieces. However, I took a light-pink v-neck tee from Old Navy and styled it 5 different ways! I think I will be doing this time thing hopefully once a week. I am on a budget this year when it comes to close since it is only one income versus two. So I am trying to make more outfits out of the clothes I already have, instead of buying new pieces. I hope you like what I have done! Let me know what you think!

This outfit isn't something I would usually wear. Most of the time I would've substituted the khakis for jeans, and the wedges for cowboy boots. But this is an outfit I would wear to church, or to a work show with my dad. The khakis are several years old so I need to update those a better fitting- higher quality pair. But I think this is a "great mom" look for PTA or parent-teacher conferences, or maybe a causal day at the office. I didn't have a particular necklace I liked with this look but I think any neutral colored necklace or a simple pendant would look amazing! 

This is an outfit I would also wear to church during the summer months, out to eat, shopping, anywhere really. The statement necklace and wedges could be removed to "tone down" the "fancy-ness" of this outfit; maybe some sandals and a pendant.  I love this skirt because it is so comfortable! I would also wear this with the shirt untucked and a belt at my waist.

This is my kind of every day outfit. I love where the look of the belt is going. The jean jacket isn't something I'd wear all day, but keep in tow for when the sun went down and the temperature got cooler. This outfit is simple but cute, in my opinion, and I could wear it to so many different events and it would be appropriate. Change the shorts into jeans and you have what I wear to school 85% of the time. My white jean jacket is a favorite among my friends! I bought it for around $50 dollars and has been worth every penny! 

The pink shirt & red shorts are two items I would have never paired together until I saw Lauren, from "From My Grey Desk Blog" wearing a similar outfit- a pink wide strapped tank & red skinny jeans. Once I put this on I completely loved the look and started thinking of when I could wear it out! It will defiantly get packed for this weekends beach trip! I have had my long necklace for several years and love how it adds a little something extra to an outfit! 
My Toms were bought in the 'off-white' shade, and a dear friend Amy Shank hand painted half a butterfly on each. When my feet are together, it makes a whole butterfly. But when you are looking at just one shoe, from the side, it looks like a side view of a butterfly perched on a branch. They are adorable!

This is the most "dressed-down" outfit I put together. This is something I would wear running errands, to workout/ run in during the colder months. The layered shirts add extra warmth without bulk. If the underneath tee had some sort of fabric flower embellishment around the neckline, this would be double cute! Will have to look for something of that sort next time I'm out! These yoga pants are beyond comfy! I love them and wear them all the time! I would also wear this around the house during the colder months. I hate being totally un-put together at home out of fear I'll have to answer the door! I think this is a great outfit to pick the kids up in. From the car window your outfit will look fancier than what it really is. Double score!! Excuse my lack of shoes, my new grey kicks haven't came in yet but they would go great with this! Any tennis shoe would complete this super comfy look! 

I hope you like what I have done with this v neck shirt! It was only around ten bucks from the local Old Navy! They have tons of colors and different necklines! I also have scoop neck ones, similar from the ones from Old Navy, from Marshall's for around five dollars a piece. Solid color tees are a must-have for any women's closet in my opinion! Please let me know if you like what I have done with this post! I will for sure continue to do more if y'all enjoy seeing my outfit ideas!!

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