Thursday, August 9, 2012

CC: Facial Brush & Facial Cleanser + Review

Happy Thursday, readers! Today I am doing a vlog to talk about my "current crush"! Today it is a Pretika facial- cleansing brush and the facial washes I used with it! I got my little gadget about a month ago at a Marshall's for $29.99... SCORE! Sure it isn't pretty and pink like a Clarisonic Mia 2, but for $120 dollars less... it is freakin' adorable!

This video explains everything about my new little gadget, the Pretika Sonic Dermabrassion that I purchased instead of a Clarisonic Mia! I got it at Marshall's for $29.99 and they had many others to choose from! Hope you enjoy this review! 

Comes with a counter top stand, charger, and two remove-able crushes!

For cleaning this brush after I wash my face, I turn the brush on high, then lightly press against a bar of Dove soap. I let the brush spin on the surface of my hand, and once the water is no longer soapy, I hold the brush (still on) to a dry hand towel for 5-10 seconds. This cleaning method was recommended in the booklet and works great!

Mary Kay Velocity facial cleanser and lightweight moisturizer

Clean and Clear morning burst!

My Pretika facial brush has a plug to go in the charging hole, so it is waterproof! I use mine in the shower once a day- Clean and Clear if it is a morning shower, Velocity any other time! The steam of the hot water really aids the cleansers!!

I hope you found this video helpful, and I have convinced you to do your wallet a favor and search a local Marshall's/ TJ Maxx for a similar product! Like I mentioned, I absolutely love this product- quality, weight, functioning, everything! You can purchase the Clean and Clear morning burst anywhere, the Mary Kay Velocity might be harder to get unless you know a consultant personally. I love using Dove bar soap on my face as well so that is another option! Good luck achieving beautiful skin!!


  1. I have the Olay ProX...I never knew there were any other options besides that and the Clarisonic, but this sounds so great!

  2. Sounds great! I already use the Morning Burst soap, although nothing really helps me wake up in the morning, ha!

  3. I used to use the Mary Kay Velocity and I loved it! I don't remember why I ever stopped using it!!!

    Happy Thursday!

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    Hope to see you tomorrow! Love your reviews!


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