Thursday, August 16, 2012

CC: Handmade Goodies {Gussy Sews Review}

Morning lovelies! Today I am linking up with Danielle {Framed Frosting}! She does a weekly "Current Crush" link up where you tell everyone what you're crushing on for the week! It's super fun and I always like to add a personal touch to my own! I hope you like what I'm crushing on this week, which is handmade goodies!

The Pleated PoppyAllora HandmadeGussy Sews, you've all either read about them or heard about them! They are all great! Of course they're more than just those three, but those are my favs! The Pleated Poppy and Gussy Sews are very similar. Both ladies make handmade bags, zippered pouches, electronic cases, etc. Allora Handmade makes gorgeous statement necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, etc. I am loving all this handmade lovelies so I wanted to share some personal favorites with you- aka, my "current crushes..."

From Gussy Sews:
nook/ kindle cover

From The Pleated Poppy:
covered notebook
messenger bag
pencil pouch 

From Allora Handmade:
rosette bud earrings
original rosette statement necklace
large three musketeers rosette headband

Gussy Sews Review...
My sister Regan is super into photography! She loves to take pictures and takes her camera everywhere! So when I came across a camera strap slipcover on Gussy Sew's website... I ordered it immediately!! 

We're proud to carry an exclusive line of Eclectic Whatnot by Gussy Sews camera strap slipcovers, the sassiest way to take photos --wink!
Measures 2.25" x 26" + includes light padding for comfort.
This item is ready-to-ship.

Her camera is red so this one matched perfectly! Regan was sooo excited when she opened it on our birthday! The packaging it came in was also adorable! You can really tell that "Gussy" really loves her work!

This camera strap is super comfy to wear around your neck because its padded!

I used her camera to take photos for my WIWW post yesterday. I love it! Might have to get myself one... and of course have a Gussy Sews strap on it!

This is not a paid advertisement. Simply me telling my readers about a product I love! 

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