Monday, July 30, 2012

What's New

My white iPhone 4, that's what's new! I know you're thinking, "Wait, she had a iPhone already..." Yes, you are right. But that poor little fella tumbled in to the toilet at a surprise party for my "god-mother" Heather. Although it was in my defender otterbox, it bit the dust. I was super bummed at the thought of having to buy a new iPhone, and loosing all my data, media, settings, etc. We had an upgrade on the business account, making my new iPhone only $49.99! YAY! But my new found 'high' crashed, fast. After hooking up to my iTunes account, I found my phone holding all my dad's contacts, not mine. Oh no! Oh, yes. So after being a sourpuss, for lack of a better adjective, all day, I came home from the boy friends and started pressing buttons. Then suddenly, my phone "restored" and all my media, contacts, data was back! Wow, I was so thrilled! I am having other family related technical difficulties with the iTunes accounts, so I am just praying certain ones "grow up" so we can sort all this phone mess out, soon!

Also, I got a Beach-Wave perm last Tuesday along with a shorter hair cut! It is super cute and fun! I am hoping to take some new pictures soon, so when it happens I will surely post some here on the blog! 

I am also looking for others to swap books with via Kindle! If you would be interested, please email me! Thanks!! Happy reading♥


  1. I want to see pictures of your hair!!! I've never heard of a beach wave perm but it sounds gorgeous!

    1. It is the bomb, literally. I can brush my hair out stick straight post-shower, then rumple it up and have gorgeous loose curls! It is so fun and didn't damage my hair! The cut I got with it is a sort of grown out bob look with swooping bangs. My length is just above my shoulders!


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