Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just So Ya Know!

I was considering doing a video post to inform y'all wonderful people on the small changes I have recently made. But my inner diva isn't functioning well so my desire to fix my mess of hair is slim to none. Regular post it is!

Remember that sewing machine I was stoked to get? Well it came Wednesday. No excitement what so ever. It was tiny. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny!  *Cue tears.* On another note, I had been obsessing over the new mini Keurig coffee makers. After I placed a bid on one of ebay, my dad made an amazing point- "The coffee maker has nothing to do with the taste of the coffee. The taste of the coffee is in the coffee beans you buy. Go buy a $10 dollar Walmart coffee maker, and a flavored coffee." Hmm... gotta give it to you Dad. Brilliant. So, Thursday evening, Nanny Mal & I set off to Walmart, tiny sewing machine + return slip in hand. After getting my twenty three dollar in-store credit card, I headed to the home selection! Sure enough, I found a coffee maker for under ten bucks, which now sits happily on my counter tops. In the cabinet above sits caramel drizzle, vanilla, and cinnamon spice pre-ground coffee. To.Die.For! All that was the same price as my sewing machine plus shipping and handling. Shoulda known that I couldn't get a standard size sewing machine for twenty-ish bucks. Oh well, lesson learned. 
coffee maker: Rival (walmart)- coffee mug: walmart- coffee-walmart

Last week I won a give away hosted by Danielle From "Framed Frosting". It was a $35 dollar store credit to BeautifulCov- where I selected two different color pillow covers. Yesterday I received them in the mail! So excited!! I opened a package to find two red-chevron envelope pillow covers, and two brown& white paisley print envelope pillow covers! My initial thought was to give them away as gifts. But after seeing the amaaazing quality, I will keep them for my own home! Go check out BeautifulCov by Danielle on Etsy!! Danielle Covington, the creator of BeautifulCov was such a doll to work with! Always quick to respond to my emails and she sent my package Tuesday- got it Friday! 

The main reason I am doing a post today about recent updates is to inform all of you "tweeters" that I have created a Twitter strictly for my blogging purposes (giveaways, following others, etc. ) Before I started this blog, I deleted my personal Facebook & Twitter to remove myself from hurtful drama going on in my life. It was an excellent & life changing choice I do not regret what so ever. I have had so much worry about joining thw Twitter world once more. But I am, fully for blogging purposes! I have followed a handful of blogs, but if I missed you, leave a comment telling me you followed me on Twitter and I will follow you back! I also opened a Hello Cotton account. I am very unsure of how to use this website. I thought it would be self-explanatory. If any other users of Hello Cotton would like to offer me help/advise on using this site, please email me at !!

Hmm.. what else is new...
My mom got a Mini Cooper S! Cute, right??

Tim McGraw's new song, Trucl Yeah, is the bomb. It makes me want to go back to driving my Ford F250 instead of searching for a convertible Volkswagon Beetle...

Craig Morgan's song "Corn Star" from his "This Ole Boy" album is pretty great too...!

I finally saw "21 Jump Street" - two comments on that one
2) Channing, marry me? Love you Tyler ;)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. Enjoy the coffee for now and keep saving up for that sewing machine.


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