Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm following in Alexis's footsteps & participating in a different Friday link-up than usual. I am linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds in her Friday's Letters link up. I've never participated in this link up before, however, after reading a new others, I am really excited to join in! 

Dear Friday, thank you for finally coming. This week has been totally boring (thanks, thunderstorms), so the thought of a much sunnier weekend has the spirits high! Sincerely, I have an afro due to the moisture. 

Dear Tyler, after spending a week with you, and then six days without you, I am very sad & in need to cuddle time. So thankful we will be reunited tomorrow! Thank you much for your support this week. Love you sweetie♥ Sincerely, sunshine(:   
PS: Happy fourteen month anniversary babe- love, love, love you!!!!

Dear reality television, you suck. Play something actually worth watching! Sincerely, Miss-play-something good!

Dear God, thank you for being an amazing God. Thank you for answering my nightly prayers and thank you for forgiving me when I do wrong. I can't wait to worship in your house Sunday morning. Sincerely, lover of Jesus Christ

Dear Dad, you working second shift is a bummer. Cooking my own meals is a even bigger bumper. Please go back to first shift. Sincerely, Rachel Ray

Dear lovely readers,  please excuse my lack of response to recent comments! However, I always return emails... so if you really need my opinion/ want feedback, email me, please! I will try to do better, pinky promise! Sincerely, Rural Rach

Dear refrigerator, please magically have something cheesy, salty, and sweet sitting on your selves next time I open your doors. Sincerely, hungry.

Dear 50 Shades readers, I cannot help but to ponder over the constant stream of thoughts I know are flowing through your brains as you read about chains, whips, and "vanilla sex." Sorry, it just gives me the heebie jeebies. Sincerely, it's much more than a "quick summer read!"      PS: I wonder how many more pure romance parties are being thrown? Hmm.

Happy Friday, Y'all!


  1. Stopping by from Friday's letters! I agree 100% about 50 shades! What's next??

  2. Like Allison above, popping by from the linkup and I couldn't agree more about 50 Shades! I just can't bring myself to read them!

  3. I found your blog through Friday's letters! I did read the 50 shades books. They were a quick easy read for vacation! As for thoughts after reading them..........not so much! I went back to reading the professional books needed for fall PD at work!

    All Things Teachery

  4. He sure is an amazing God isn't he?

    visit and say hello!



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