Monday, July 16, 2012


Home Made~ Lip Gloss

This is my newest semi-craft/ DIY.... home made lip gloss...sounds intriguing, right?

The "recipe" is quite simple, I think...

1 cup of Vaseline
1 Kool Aide pack

1) Measure out the Vaseline and heat in microwave until liquefied... 
approx 20 minutes(give or take)
2) mix in pack of kool aide powder mix... *make sure you mix in the powder well, or the lip gloss will be gritty, feeling like sand on your lips
my tip to you: do not use the pink lemonade flavour- yuck!
3) let sit in bowl for an hour or two, it will thicken as it sits
4) put in little jars to use & enjoy

*our jars came from Estee Lauder. When you get the samples of makeup from JcPenny's, Belk, etc., keep them to put the lip gloss in! The jars in the pictures once contained a type of under-eye cream...

Although the post is DIY focused- it isn't apart of my so called 'routine' of doing a "refreshed= reusable" post. All the craziness of getting back from a trip, working, then preparing for another trip this upcoming weekend (more on that later) has left me no time for crafting! Last night, however, my sweet boy friend helped me get a jump start on another batch of flip flop accessory hangers! He happily completed the first time for me- cutting the bottom portion off with wire cutters. Thanks, babe♥

Anyways, no time for crafting lately. While I have been babysitting the past few days, the idea of starting up my own Etsy shop has entered my mind more frequently. Ashton is growing fonder of the idea, as am I. I am hoping to jump start the shop before school starts back in, but we'll see. I was discussing with a fellow blogger about hosting a give away to kick off the start of our shop. She offered to donate item(s) in the give away I will host. I will be giving away either a store credit to my shop, or a specific item in the shop. If any of y'all would be interested in giving something away (or in exchange for a product in my shop) I would be so grateful & delighted! Just email me if interested...

I am in dire need of "guest bloggers" for three different weekends in which I will be out of town... this weekend is short notice, I know...
 (July 19-22 thursday-sunday)-- Birmingham, Alabama
(August 2-5 thursday-sunday) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
(August 10-13 friday-monday) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
If you are interested in doing any sort of guest blogging on A Dash of Southern, please let me know! I have no specific topic in mind, but I would love any type of tutorial (hair, recipe, craft, etc.) Again, please don't hesitate to jump for the opportunity! I'd love to have you! 

Have a great Monday!!


  1. this DIY is AWESOME, rach! i am allergic to so many lipglosses and chapsticks (because i'm allergic to beeswax) that it's hard to find cute lip stuff. this would be PERFECT!!! thank you for sharing this... seriously! :) BTW: you should totally come link up to #YOLOmondays today if you want! happy monday, rach!!

  2. I'm going to try this out! And I will definitely be sure to avoid the pink lemonade!! Thanks for posting :)

  3. I would be interested in doing a guest blog for you. Please let me know

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