Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Social Link-Up

I discovered a link-up hosted by the wonderful Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup! The idea is to answer the questions Neely puts on the previous weeks post to share your interests in a creative way! Sounded like fun and a new way to interact with people in the blogging world! Here it goes...

What is your all-time favourite song?

Where The Green Grass Grows- Tim McGraw

What is your favourite singer/band?

This one was a toughie! I love so many country artists because no one is the same. But seriously, what's not to love about Luke Bryan!?

What is your theme song/song that best describes 
your life?

We Rode in Trucks-Luke Bryan
This song totally describes life thus far in my small home town! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

What songs put you in a good mood?

International Harvester- Craig Morgan

What is your favorite road-trip music?

Laughed Until We Cried- Jason Aldean

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

Maybe this strange love has something to do with the fact that I love "O Brother Where Art Thou" or that this tune makes me want to hop up and dance! Who knows, but once it is suck in my head, there ain't no going back!

If you think this is a fun idea and want to join in, head over to A Complete Waste of Makeup and link up! 


  1. Lol!! I love your country-fied songs :D

    Luke Bryan is a great singer and well, easy on the eyes ;) We rode in trucks is a good song!

    I also really like Where the Green Grass Grows.


  2. Loving absolutely all of these!! Stopping by from the link up!

  3. Luke is amazing!


    Have a great Sunday!

  4. GIRL A Man of Constant Sorrow is NOT embarrassing! THAT SONG IS AMAZING!

  5. I LOVE this!! We Rode in Trucks became a favorite of mine the second I heard it!

  6. All right, a country fan! There's so many good country singers and songs out there...what's not to love?

  7. Oh my goodness! I must be a new follower of your blog! I am reading the same book that you are reading! Your blog and you are A-dorable and we love the same music :) Can't WAIT to follow along!


  8. ahhhhhhhhhh luke <3

    He's the best.

    Cute link up, Ill need to join in!

  9. Thanks girls! I will be sure to stop by each of your blogs :)


  10. Cute blog! I stopped by from Lipgloss and Crayons. The minute I saw your favorite song, I started singing it in my head. Love me some old school Tim!

    I'm at

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