Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: Pallet Flower Planter

Today's refreshed= reusable post consists of a flower planter I constructed out of an old pallet and left over black-plastic piping. This is an intermediate skill type of DIY- while the piping is easy to cut and drill through, a Skil Saw was used to cut the 'half moons' you will see later. 

-1 pallet, any size desired
-how many ever planter-holders desired
-'half moons' *two for each end of the plant-holders*
-hammer & roofing nails
 -electric drill, and bit to bur holes
-nail gun and nails with larger heads
-3 feet long, slender boards
-pre treated plywood
-spray paint (if desired)

pallet- each 'slat' is 3 ft long

black plastic pipe, cut in half

'half moons' cut out of plywood, spray painted black

'half moons' nailed into end of piping via roofing nails + hammer

plant holder, nailed to pallet with nail gun. placing the 3 ft long slender board atop of the planter while nailing helps to secure plant holder. 

when all 'planters' are nailed to pallet, use a drill with a hole-burring bit to make holes in the bottom of black planters. this will allow excess water to run out of the planters

paint your masterpiece, if desired. spray paint is advised to make things easier. 

here is the final product! i inserted fake flowers just so you could see my 'vision' for this DIY!

There ya have it, yolks! A laid out instructional guide on how to conduct your very own pallet-planter! You've seen it on Pinterest, and probably somewhere else... so join the club and take pride in making your very own! If you do make your own, I'd love to see your pictures! Best of luck to ya!!


Feel free to comment with any type of feedback- I'd love to hear from you!