Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five For Friday

I am soo thankful Friday has finally came. This four day school week has drug on and on! School basically stunk every day, but I ate great this week, which is always a turn around. If you have not caught on to my new routine, every Friday I do a "High Five For Friday" post which showcases my five best things from the previous days. Lauren @ 'From My Grey Desk' hosts this weekly link up, so stop by her blog and join the fun!! 

1. Having Monday off from school to member the ones who fought for our freedom!

2. Getting sent home from school Tuesday (yay for half day!) due to a dress code violation...
Remember my orange dress post? Well I wore it to school, again, accessorized with my cowgirl boots & a white jean jacket. This dress comes about an inch above my kneecaps, just so you know. Tuesday morning, after being told my a very old teacher (I must add) that I needed to go to the office and have my outfit 'checked out,' I ran into the principal. He said, "Ms. Bell don't you look nice today!" I replied thank you, did a 180 degree turn and headed back to class. My thinking was that if the head honcho told me I looked nice, then my dress was fine. Oh but the assistant principal thought otherwise. As I exited the cafeteria from lunch, she flagged me down. Cue *groooooan!* She questioned me very rudely about the rule pertaining to dresses. As I proceed to tell her about my compliment from the head principle, she marches me to the office to call home because she could not send me to class looking the way I did. You would've thought I just left my shift at the Foxy Lady. But long story short, I got to spend all of my day lounging in sweats, watching lifetime movies!

3. Getting my new "summer time" otter box! + spending time with my BFF!

4. Eating absolutely delicious meals every night, thanks to Mel's recipes!

5. Realizing I'll be on the road to the beach in a mere 30 days with my love, Tyler!♥

Hope y'all had a week full of smooth sailing! I'm sure all us school kids are happier than a goat in a briar patch that after today, we only have four more days. Can't believe 9th grade is coming to an end! Sophmore here I come! I do dread studying all weekend for exams, cue another *grooooan*!!!

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